Cheetahs sprint - and throw, and jump - their way to victory

The Cheetahs team.
The Cheetahs team.

Five teams contested the first of this season’s Boston and District Athletic Club Sportshall Athletics Competitions at the B-Hive on Saturday.

The winning team Cheetahs, captained by Lucy Raywood, accumulated 112 points at the end of the 20-event programme. In second were Hallam Bedford’s Crystal Tigers with 101 points, with Jaguars in third (90), Fabulous fourth (89) and Team Lightning fifth (79).

For Cheetahs, Lucy shared top spot in the under 13-15 speed bounce (63) and finished second in the four-lap race (51.4 secs). Haddley Bedford won both under 11 standing long jump (1.85m) and the vertical jump (43cm) and was second in standing triple jump (5.08m). Georgia Ward and Theia Osbourne also added points for the team.

For Crystal Tigers, under 13 Hallam carried the relay baton home for first, shared first spot in the speed bounce (63) and finished second in standing triple jump (5.38m) and vertical jump (43cm). Melena Baxter won the under 11 standing triple jump (5.14m) and was second in the two-lap (23.4 secs) and three-lap (37.3 secs) challenges. Ryan Firth was second in standing long jump (1.4m) while Tylor Bateman added second-place points in under seven standing long jump (1.40m) and standing triple jump (3.34m) and won the three-lap race (44.2 secs) and the two-lap event (26.9 secs).

Jaguars captain Georgia Reilly led her team to third. Under 11 Connor Bateman contributed valuable points and Matthew Lewis was second in standing long jump (1.80m). Teammate Issy Reid finished second in the under nine two-lap event (27.1 secs).

Fabulous’ under 15 Alex Riches won standing long jump (1.95m), standing triple jump (5.54m), speed bounce (63), vertical jump (50cm) and both the two-lap (22.2 secs) and four-lap races (49.6 secs).Flynn Slater was first in the under 11 two-laps (22.7 secs), three-laps (35.4 secs) while Elize Dawson and Joe Slater added team points.

Team Lightning captain Alicia Baxter won the under 11s vertical jump (44cm). Ellie Reilly won both the under nine three-laps (40.7 secs) and the two-laps (26.4 secs) while Rhys Buswell was second in the under seven three-lap race (42.1 secs) and Megan Reid added team points.