Cheetahs sprint to sportshall success

Youngsters with their certificates.
Youngsters with their certificates.

The final match in the Boston and District AC series of Junior Sportshall Athletics Competitions at the B-Hive proved to be the best-supported and most competitive of the 2016-17 season.

Two dozen youngsters split into four teams and produced a series of close contests, with a number of athletes recording personal best performances in a range of 30 different events.

The overall team winners were Cheetahs, who accumulated 142 points, just three more than runners-up Sunflowers.

They, in turn, had a three-point advantage over Lent Lillies, with Flowerburst fourth with a total of 125 points.

Holly Aslin (Sleaford Striders) captained the Cheetahs, leading Ronnie Grey, Alayna Buswell, Hannah Taylor, Hayden Quantrill and Max Aslin to victory at the end of a two-hour programme for under 13, 11, nine and seven competitors.

In track races at under 13 level, Max Aslin (Sleaford Striders) was fastest over two laps (21.8 secs) with Holly Aslin second.

Ronnie Gray was second in the under 11 two lap event while Hayden Quantrill won the under nine race in 25.1 secs and Alayna Buswell was second with Hannah Taylor fifth in the under sevens event.

Over four laps Max Aslin and Holly Aslin replicated their first and second places over the shorter distance.

Ronnie Grey finished as second under 11 competitor.

Over three laps, Hadyn Quantrill won the under nine race in 39.2 secs and Alayna Buswell achieved another second in the under sevens challenge.

In the 5x2 lap relay the Cheetahs team claimed second place.

Holly Aslin shared first place in the under 13 speed bounce (75) and finished third in the standing long jump and the vertical jump.

Max Aslin won the vertical jump (55cms), was second in chest push and third in standing long jump.

Ronnie Grey’s best field event results were in the under 11 standing long jump and chest push.

Hadyn Quantrill won the under nine standing long jump (1.60m), finished second in the speed bounce and was third in the chest push.

Alayna Buswell contributed to Cheetah’s points total with a second in the under seven vertical jump and a series of third places.

Under 13 Sophie Henderson (Louth AC) led Sunflowers to second place.

She was second in the standing triple jump and fourth in speed bounce.

There was excellent support from Lyle Burrell-Kenny who shared first place in the speed bounce (75), second in the standing long jump and fourth in both sprints.

Under 11 Rhys Buswell was second in the speed bounce and third in both four laps and standing triple jump.

Sunflowers’ under nine Jack Clark-Atkins won the speed bounce (65) and chest push (4m) and finished second in both the three lap race and two lap events.

Toby Maude won both the under sevens two and three lap contests, recording 28.6 secs and 46.5 secs, and also won four of the five field events, recording 1.40m in standing long jump, 35cms in vertical jump, 40 in speed bounce, 2.50m in chest push and coming second in the standing triple jump.

Third placed Lent Lillies were captained by under 11 Georgia Ward, who was second in both standing long jump and standing triple jump.

Under 13 Matthew Lewis finished second in the two lap race and three laps, claiming the same position in speed bounce but winning the chest push (5m), the standing triple jump (5.52m) and the standing long jump (2.05m).

Under 11 Elise Dawson was clear winner of the speed bounce (70) and finished third in the two lap race.

Ewan Hourihan contributed with a series of fourth-place points.

At under nine level Beth Hourihan provided good team support.

Despite finishing in fourth position, Flowerburst team members produced some significant performances.

Captained by under 13 Ellie Booth (Sleaford Striders), whose best performances were in standing long jump and vertical jump, Flowerburst accumulated a total of 125 points.

Kandi Austin (Louth AC) shared first place in the under 13 chest push (5m) and secured second position in the vertical jump.

Under 11 Megan Reid cleared 1.60m for first place in the standing long jump, won the vertical jump (38cms) and earned victory in the standing triple jump (5.03m) before adding second place points in chest push.

In the under nine age group, Issy Reid was first in the vertical jump (37cms) and second in the chest push.

Leon Houlden was second in vertical jump and third in speed bounce.

Under seven Erin Norton was third in the two laps in 30.1 secs and in the same position in a number of field event age group challenges before assisting the Flowerburst team to third place in the relay.

The final junior event in the Boston & District AC 2016-17 winter competition programme is the last in the series of junior cross-country races on Saturday, March 25, with registration from 9.20am.

The first race is at 10am.