Chris sets up pro date after being the Last Man Standing

Chris Royal.
Chris Royal.

Boston’s Chris Royal will be teaming up with a professional darts player after his Last Man Standing success on Friday.

He threw three 180s on his way to the title.

Eight tournament winners earn the right to take place in the pairs Pro-Am at Skegness in November.

This week’s event - held at the Ex Service Club in Skegness - saw 25 entrants pull numbers out of a hat to decide when they would enter the event.

Numbers one and two face off first with the winner staying on until the final match, which sees number 25 come in fresh.

Chris pulled out number 19 and won the final six matches, against Pete Evans, Matt Reeson, Liam Simms, Tom Whitehouse, Lee Woods, Gordon Smith and Terry Cox.

Pros taking part will include Colin Osborne, Dean Winstanley, Kyle Anderson, Wes Newton, James Wilson, Devon Petersen and Robbie Green.