Cody breaker! Debutant Ingamells helps Eastenders to bowls league win

LATEST round-up from the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

The Mill Inn Division One

SETTING the pace at the top are Eastenders and A40.

The Enders handed Cody Ingamells her top flight debut and, with Matt Whyers and Andy Reeson, they came off the green with a win of 24-11 against Royal Mail.

Teammates Tony Powell, Adrian Field and Paul Flatters won 19-12 for all the points.

A40 had too much power for IBC, with skips Jim Gott and Jean Cammack successful 24-10 and 23-15.

Freelanders picked up their first points of the season against Holland Fen, the trio of Sykes, Sharp and Nicholson winning 17-12. Skip Keith French led the Fen to victory (19-12).

Kirton Town took six points against Invaders, skips Jill Smith and Stuart Van Beirendonck won 18-10 and 21-15.

Carlton Roads skips Les Feary and Roy Vinter won of 20-13 and 22-12 to see off Jolly Farmers.

Results: Freelanders 29 (2) Holland Fen 31 (4), Invaders 25 (0) Kirton Town 39 (6), IBC 25 (0) A40 47 (6), Eastenders 43 (6) Royal Mail 23 (0), Jolly Farmers 25 (0) Carlton Road 42 (6).

T&B Containers Division Two

PUNCHBOWLERS are the only team in the division with a 100 per cent record, skips Jeff and Steve Skelton winning 20-13 and 17-11 to see off Golfers.

Swineshead’s Tony Ballard, Norma Barnes and Janet Vinter won four points but Parthians’ Maggie Van Beirendonck, Albert Batchelor and Phil Sharp picked up two points (27-17).

Crowns picked up points at the expense of Boston Park, Barbara Houghton (21-14) and Peter Copeland (20-14) on top.

Promoted Amateurs defeated Breakaways. Ron Spence, Bill Weaver and Pat Weaver won 21-15 and Brian Martin, John Smith and Tony Nixon tied 17-17 with Peter Tracey, Sheila Tracey and Ivan Dilley.

Strollers produced a surprise win, skips Alan Everitt and Ian Smith producing cards of 23-12 and 13-13 against Feathers.

Results: Crowns 41 (6) Boston Park 28 (0), Golfers 24 (0) Punchbowlers 37 (6), Parthians 35 (2) Swineshead 43 (4), Amateurs 38 (5) Breakaways 31 (1), Feathers 25 (1) Strollers 36 (5).

Division Three

POACHERS demolished BBC, Eric Ulyatt and Mick Dodes winning 35-13 and 26-12.

Hotspurs picked up two points through Jenny Hughes, Michael Gooderson and Alan Hughes (22-13) but Sibsey’s Sue Bridges sealed victory (33-7).

Fairways and Highflyers shared the rink points, with the aggregate points going to the Fairways’ skip Carol Nundy (25-12).

Shipmates defeated Burtons with skips Michael Bolsin and John Bristow cardeing 23-9 and 23-14.

Central defeated Traders, skips Brain Hunn and Fred Epton with wins of 20-9 and 24-13.

Vikings and Autos also shared the rink points, but Alan Bontoft, Daniel Harrison and Norman Wright won 31-7 as Autos took maximum points. Skip Pete Jacklin replied 26-10.

Results: Fairways 40 (4) Highflyers 28 (2), Shipmates 46 (6) Burtons 23 (0), Sibsey 46 (4) Hotspurs 29 (2), Vikings 33 (2) Autos 41 (4), Central 44 (6) Traders 22 (0), BBC 25 (0) Poachers 61 (6).