Comfortable win for boxer Pogson

Thomas Pogson.
Thomas Pogson.

Thomas Pogson earned a unanimous decision when he boxed Ben Whitworth in Norwich on Saturday.

The Boston Boxing Aacademy fighter started aggresively, landing hard combinations which had the Norwich Diamonds man hurt, especially when he was trapped inthe corners.

Pogson (pictured) eased off in the third round and attacked in bursts, trying to stay out of harm’s way.

As the final bell rang, Pogson was the clear winner.

Pogson was beaten by a split decision the previous week as he fought Scarborough’s Kyle O’Toole on a Hull Fishtrades ABC show.

Round one saw Pogson display his superior skills and footwork against his opponent, manoeuvring around the ring well, popping the jab and throwing quick combinations.

However, Pogson perhaps showed a little too much respect to his opponent and his come-forward style, the Bostonian’s decision to box on the back foot maybe made for a closer scoring round than he had deserved.

Round two saw Pogson becoming a little more aggressive, landing some nice straight left and rights and stopping his opponent in his tracks momentarily, although not managing to halt the come-forward style of his opponent for long.

Again, round two was a close one to call and could have gone either way.

Round three saw Pogson showing some great grit and determination to get the fight under control.

However, his opponent showed the same determination, making for a great fight to watch for the spectators.

The aggression was coming from O’Toole and the silky skills were courtesy of Pogson.

However, the judges gave a majority decision to O’Toole which must have been for his aggressive style.