Coningsby Bowls League round-up

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Friskney edged victory against Mareham le Fen in Division One of the Coningsby Bowls League.

There was a tight rink win each, but the home rink of Elkington, Thorold and Storr won the third 29-6 and Friskney took the aggregate in a 66-41 (6-2) finish.

Sleaford moved to the top with a good home win against West End B.

One rink was close but the other two won well to give a 67-34 (8-0) result.

Freiston struggled to get enough players to go to Billinghay and had to give them eight points and a shot difference of three.

Stan Avison and his rink had a 6-31 win at Forbes Road, and with a close win on another rink, Castle took the match 42-65 (2-6).

In Division Two there was a win for Sibsey Strollers at home to Kirton A, with a good rink win each and the home side winning the third by just two shots to give a 50-49 (6-2) result.

Sibsey Millers went down by an equally narrow margin away to Woodhall Spartans, with the home side decisively winning on two to give a 46-44 (6-2) finish.

Unusually, Good Fellowship struggled at home and, with Heckington taking advantage, they lost 31-65 (0-8).

Each rink won decisively at Wrangle in their match at home to Jubilee Park, who recorded a solid win of 48-65 (2-6).

Division Three saw Sleaford Road B draw with fellow strugglers West End A, 48-52 (4-4).

BBC won well on two rinks at Swineshead, giving a 42-57 (2-6) result.

There was a close aggregate at Burton House in their match with Wrangle A, but with the third rink going to the home side by just two shots there was a 47-47 (5-3) result.

There was a good home draw for Donington II against Friskney B in Division Four.

They won on two rinks but lost the third by nine shots and the aggregate by just one to give a 42-43 (4-4) result.

Bicker continued their winning ways at home to Forbes Road B with some tight finishes, but with a 51-44 (7-1) result.

Freiston B had a one-shot win on two rinks in their home match against Stickney, but J.Nicholson and his rink won the third 8-25 to settle the aggregate and give a 37-62 (4-4) finish.

One rink tied, a close win for Bicker and a good win for Donington gave a close 52-63 (3-5) finish at Bicker.
Three close rink results at Forbes Road saw Wigtoft just taking the match 47-51 (1-7).

Friskney, at home to Woodhall Nymphs, had an emphatic win despite one tied rink 71-37 (7-1).

The Division Five Trophy saw Horncastle show their league form at home to Kirton B, winning all three rinks to record a 56-35 shot difference.

A close call at Donington saw the home side going down to Woodhall C 42-48.