Cons 1 move up to second in snooker league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Cons 1 moved up to second in the Boston Snooker League Super League, beating BSC 2 7-1.

Great wins for Hugh Pinner, P. Tetther and Des Forbes saw them beat Beef Hurling, Lee Ford and Grant Marshall respectively, while Paul Goodacre and D. Himsworth played out a draw.

A close contest saw BSC 3 take a 5-3 win against BSC 9, Neil Hutson the only 2-0 winner against Chrissy Allwood, the rest drawing.

BSC 13 went top of the league with a huge 7-1 win against BSC 5, Joe Welch, Adam Brackenbury and P. Oyitch all winning 2-0 comfortably.

Breaks: N. Hutson 33, 21, A.Brackenbury 26, H.Pinner 22.

In the Premier League, BSC 8 and BSC 16 shared the points, the 16’s Dave Cutting comprehensively beating S. Greensmith 2-0 and maintaining his 100 per cent record.

Likewise, there were 2-0 wins for S. Dunmore for the 8, P. Spencer made it 4-2 to the 16 before G. Dunmore made it all square with a 2-0 against C. Sneer.

Graves Park only had three players, but still managed a 4-4 draw with Cons 2 - S. Simpson the only winner against K. Carrington.

BSC 19 continued their unbeaten start to the season with a 5-3 win over Q Club 2, W. Tyson maintaining his 100 per cent start against J. Brinkley, with the rest of the games all ending 1-1.

Q Club 1 continued their impressive start to the season with a 5-3 win, their closest winning margin so far. J. Woods was the only winner against A .Peck, everyone else drawing.

Breaks: S. Dunmore 40, 21, D. Cutting 25, 21, N. Barton 24, P. Spencer 23, D. Sawyer 23.

BSC 4 completed a whitewash against Cons 4 in Division One, with L. Arons, Ronnie Goddard and P. Raymond among the victors.

BSC 10 beat BSC 6 away from home 5-3, Mike Deal continuing his impressive start to the season with a 2-0 over Liam South. Dan Burt won 2-0 against Gordon Russell, Carl Bailey beat Raymond Cartwright 2-0 and Richard Killick and Phil Butt battled to a 1-1.

Another 5-3 saw BSC 11 beat Cons 5. The 11 went 4-0 up with wins for Kev Hirst and Craig Churchman against N. Yardley and B. Spooner. Chris Hurst and D. Wood shared the points before A. Yardley won 2-0 against Dave France.

Breaks: D. Burt 35, 27, L. Arons 32, C. Bailey 24, P. Raymond 22, R. Cartwright 21.

In Division Two, a week of 6-2s saw Cons 3, Graves Park 3 and BSC all win.

Graves Park went 6-0 up with wins for M. Hodgson, J. Hodgson and P. Dixon before J. Cuppleditch avoided a whitewash.

BSC 7 players J. Martin and D. Banks took four points with the rest of the players drawing.

Cons 3 got off to a loss from D. Lowe against N. Wainwright, before T. Morris, G. Johnson and Rob Carter all won 2-0 against A. Royal, J. Earl and J. Hartley respectively.

Breaks: T. Lumley 31, M. Hodgson 30.