Darren Smith bags personal bests for Boston Wheelers

BOSTON Wheelers’ Dave Grayson rode the Newark Castle CC 25-mile time trial on the A1 Cromwell to Long Bennington course, clocking 1.05.23.

The longest leg out was a backwind so he was able to achieve speeds of up to 34mph which meant at the turn there was a tough head wind home, with the speed being reduced to 16mph.

Five Wheelers took part in the 25-mile Inter-Club TT, which is an annual event held on the Donington course and involves Boston Wheelers, Spalding CC, Sleaford Wheelers and Yello Velo.

Darren Smith equalled his personal best.

Results: Paul Hutchinson 1.01.13, Martin White 1.01.32, Darren Smith 1.02.54 (PB), Dave Grayson 1.07.01, Pete Flint 1.07.26.

The wind was a major factor for week five of the Wheelers’ Time Trial League race where some good times were achieved

Results: 1 Charlie Porter 24.15 (Fixed), 2 Darren Smith 24.23 (PB), 3 Martin White 24.29, 4 Simon Craft 30.01, 5 Graham Nelson 30.53, 6 Craig Thursby 23.29 (PT).