Debbie and Kenny claim awards at Wheelers event

Debbie Winrow and Kenny Doing were named as the Boston Wheelers’ persons of the year.

They collected their trophies when the club held its presentation at the town’s Albert’s Hong Kong restaurant.

The Wheelers have started a new ride on Tuesday evenings, setting off from the fformer post office, next to Prezzo, and beginning at 6.30pm.

The ride consists of five laps around a four-mile loop from Boston Golf Club to Frithville, and back round.

The idea is that the first four laps are set at a constant pace, usually between 20-22mph dependant on weather and rider ability.

Each rider takes a set distance from the front, then rolls round to the back, keeping the pace at the set pace.

The final lap sees the pace uppped to whatever each individual can manage.

Riders can also take part in as many loops as they wish.

All newcomers are welcome.