Decisions go against Boston ABC fighters

Harry Britton, left, and Harvey Harmon.
Harry Britton, left, and Harvey Harmon.

Boston ABC youngsters Harvey Harmon and Harry Britton travelled to Wakefield to compete in a show hosted by Kettleborough Guardians.

Harmon faced Michael Haley from Laisterdyke Boxing Club.

Haley starred strongly, using his extra reach and height to his advantage.

Harmon struggled with his opponent’s style but stuck to his task, working his way in close and hurting Haley with his hooks to the body.

Haley looked tired in the last round and Harmon enjoyed his efforts until the bell.

But his efforts were in vain as the judges awarded Haley the unanimous decision.

Britton faced Dillon Linley from Syd Ringside Boxing Club.

Linley came out of his corner with his hands raised, leaving his body exposed to Britton’s menacing right hooks.

He was not to willing to exchange shots with Britton at close quarters, so he opted to rush in, with his punches offering no effect to the Lincolnshire lad.

The final round saw Britton taking control as Linley started to show signs of tiredness, but the lad from Knottingley, was awarded a unanimous decision.