Dominant Pogson rubs salt in Pepper’s wounds

WITH the season rapidly coming to a close, some matchmakers are finding it difficult to arrange enough bouts for their tournaments.

However, Boston ABC’s fighters took up the challenge at St Ives’ show in Cambridgeshire on the weekend when three of their boxers were called upon to appear, writes Neil Lockwood.

Thomas Pogson put in an excellent performance while Matthew Ruck and Dave Baggley cannot be too disappointed as decisions didn’t go their way.

Pogson dominated from the opening bell against Scott Pepper, who was given no leeway to offer any retaliation.

Pepper had requested a rematch after Pogson claimed a unanimous decision against him earlier in the year.

And the Boston youngster – the cousin of pro fighter Callum Johnson – felt he had another point to prove. Pogson delivered in textbook style and, while the lad from St Ives showed plenty of grit, eagerly off his stool for the start of each round, he couldn’t cope with his opponent’s superiority.

At the end of the third round, Pogson was given the majority decision.

Ruck had a hard task as he tried to overcome Dave Walhome.

The East Londoner called the shots in the opening round and kept Ruck on the defensive.

Ruck did well to avoid getting stuck on the ropes and allowing his opponent to land more telling blows.

The Bostonian had more to offer in round two with his counter attacks carrying more threat.

In the final round, both became more wary of each other’s ability. And with no more rockets to let go, they fought out the final third before Walhome took the majority decision.

Baggley couldn’t be faulted in his efforts to overcome Matthew Cable in an even and skilful contest.

Bagley used a flurry of good hits and tight defence to frustrate his home-town opponent as he stepped up his performance level.

However, Cable’s non-stop pursuit of Baggley earned him the majority decision.