Early leaders given tough examinations in Boston Indoor Bowls League

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Jolly Farmers and A40 were given a tough examination this week in their Orchard Health Group Division One games.

Lying first and third in the table at the start of the latest round of games at Boston Indoor Bowls Club, by the end of the evening’s play they had slipped down to third and seventh respectively.

The Farmers were matched against Eastenders’, with Ray Reeson, Joe Moore and Tom Richardson picking up a hotshot on the first end played and established a 12-5 advantage by end eight, but by end 16 it was 17-12 to the Enders Andrew Reeson, who went on to win 21-14.

Dave Allen, Rita Epton and Sue Hoyles were unfortunate not to grab two points for Jolly Farmers as Enders’ Richard Vinter picked up a last end count of two to tie 16-16.

A40 were also a little unfortunate to drop all six points as Carlton Road’s Chris Gill grabbed a last end count of one to win 16-15.

Meanwhile for the Road, Les Feary won with plenty to spare, 25-10.

IBC matched against Strollers saw the former picking up maximum points.

Skips Colin Box and Derek Smith. with successes of 19-14 and 30-8.

Royal Mail’s Jo Sharp, Jill Mith and Keith Sharp were never behind against Punchbowlers and won 19-15, but it fell short of what was required for the aggregate points as the Bowlers’ Iris Reeson, Dave Gill and Andrew Limb came from 4-9 down to win 13-25.

Norprint on the night were no match for Holland Fen, who moved into second spot with a maximum points haul thanks to wins of 27-10 and 23-14 for Mick Tomlin and Jim Gott.

Invaders versus Red 5 saw all the points going to Invaders. Chantel Spencer, John Spencer and Scott Whyers gave Bob Cody few scoring chances and triumphed 23-6, while IanTebbs secured the rest of the points with a win of 22-16.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Poachers at the top dropped their first points when Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and Keith Stones for Vikings, 15-3 ahead at one point, held on to win 15-13.

The Poachers’ skip Mick Dodes secured the aggregate points with a win of 25-15.

Feathers took on Burtons, with the latter winning the additional points thanks to a good win from Barry Heward, Dick Masters and Chris Hill, 25-11.

Boston Park have not found their best form to date.

Matched against Patriarchs they fell on both rinks.

For the Patriarchs, Colin Baxter won 27-10 and Tony Beck succeeded 26-10.

Breakaways looked like they were going to lose on both rinks to Parthians but that was not the case

Jo Dowse, Carol Dowse and Gordon Gallichan, with time running out and trailing 10-16 against Keith Nix, picked up counts of 1-1-5 to secure two points, 17-15.

The Parthians relied on Elaine Edmonds, Dale Sowter and Phil Markham to pick up the lion’s share of the points with a win of 20-15.

Cosmos’ Kevin Rockall, John Robinson and Bob Thompson were never behind against Autos’ Alan Townsend but needed a last end count of one to win the points 16-15.

The Autos Margaret Gardner, Tom Freeston and Bernard Skelton were also never behind but they did not leave it late to secure their points, taking their game 24-14 for an overall win.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Amateurs were matched against new team Hotspurs, with the rink points shared.

But Dave Coulson, Eileen Favell and Mick Greet secured the aggregate points for Amateurs with a 23-9 win.

Replying for Hotspurs, John Fell, Pat O’Callaghan and Robert Druce, 14-8 down, recovered well to score nine shots without reply and win two very valuable points, 17-14.

U3 and the Phoenix also shared the rink points, but the U3 trio of Michael Teasdale, Sandra Copeland and Peter Copeland won by a wide margin, 33-5, to clinch the aggregate points for their side.

Replying for Phoenix, Jean Barnett, Lyn Limb and Gordon Neal won well, 19-9, but fell short of what was required.

Shipmates played well to secure all the points from Bias.

Ted Vere hung on to win 17-14 and Walter Parker triumphed 26-10.

The game between Central and Dynamics went with the form book.

Dynamics’ skips Jonathan West and Alan West, with wins of 17-14 and 22-15, took their team to the top of the table.

The Indoor Bowls Club have an Open Day on October 7, starting at 10am.

Anyone who wishes to try the game of bowls (all ages) is welcome to go along to the club on Roseberry Avenue.

All you need to do is turn up as all equipment is provided, plus refreshments, for no charge.

Bowls coaches will be in attendance to offer advice.