Eastenders are crowned bowls league champions

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The Ball House Division One

The Ball House Division One

l Eastenders 48 (6) Invaders 34 (0): EASTENDERS have won the Division One title.

They regained the title they last won in 2010 after claiming all six points against Invaders, with wins of 26-16 for skip Paul Flatters and 22-18 for Ian Clark.

l Stumpers 21 (0) Holland Fen 51 (6): SECOND spot is not yet decided and might go to the wire.

At the moment, Holland Fen hold that spot and beat relegated Stumpers, skips Gary Morris and Mick Tomlin successful 16-11 and 35-10.

l Cosmos 46 (6) Freelanders 16 (0): COSMOS moved above A40 into third as they had a comfortable win against Freelanders.

Ab French, Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary won 26-9 and Ken Dowling, Colin Palmer and Keith French were successful 20-7.

l Jolly Farmers 36 (4) A40 33 (2): A40 dropped the aggregate points on the last end. Gill Grant, Arnold Bennett and Jean Cammack won 21-15 but this was surpassed by the Farmers’ Dick Allen, David Allen and John Maury (21-12).

l IBC 32 (1) Royal Mail 37 (5): ROYAL Mails claimed five points against IBC as Keith Sharp tied 13-13 with John Sivill and Alan Hill won 24-19.

l Woodhall 20 (0) Carlton Road 42 (6): CARLTON Road picked all six from Woodhall with wins of 22-8 and 20-12 for skips Chris Gill and Geoff Parker.

T&B Containers Ltd Division Two

l Strollers 16 (0) Kirton Town 54 (6): LEADERS Kirton Town need just 10 points from their last four games to secure the title. Against Strollers, Gordon Gallichan and Dorothy Hawkesworth won 25-9 and 29-7.

l Norprint 35 (2) Feathers 36 (4): SECOND-placed Feathers saw two points drift away to Norprint as Brian Simpson, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson fell to Barbara Kenny, Dave France and Chris Avison, 19-15.

Lifting the aggregate points by a one shot margin were Maureen Hunn, Keith Posey and Derek Hunn (21-16).

l Halfpints 48 (6) Boston Park 25 (0): HALFPINTS must be a tip for promotion next season. Matched against Boston Park, Brian Sansam won 26-15 and Tina Reeson 22-10.

l Breakaways 31 (0) Swineshead 40 (6): SWINESHEAD, equal third with Halfpints, claimed all six against Breakaways, the Mabbitt, Hippisley and Craft trio winning 24-18 and Freddy Scrupps skipping his rink to a 16-13 score.

l Parthians 41 (4) Golfers 33 (2): PARTHIANS and Golfers shared the rink points, but it was the Parthians’ Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford who won the aggregate points (28-11).

Norman Ablard repled 22-13 for the Golfers 22-13.

l Punchbowlers 23 (0) Patriarchs 45 (6): PATRIARCHS’ skips Alan Bristow and Alan Woods won 18-11 and 27-12 for the underdogs.

Division Three

l Crowns 44 (4) Fairways 35 (2): LEADERS Crowns must be grateful they have points in the bag as it is six weeks since they picked up a maximum points haul. Matched against Fairways, they had to be grateful to Barbara Houghton’s 29-16. Fairways’ Carol Nundy replied 19-15.

l Amateurs 58 (6) Shipmates 17 (0): AMATEURS picked up maximum points, but look like they will remain in the division for another season, despite skips Mick Greet and Pat Weaver winning 29-6 and 29-11.

l Highflyers 31 (2) Autos 39 (4): HIGHFLYERS only managed two points against Autos. Barrie Trigg won 21-17 but Autos’ Margaret Gardner, Phil Purkiss and Graham Slack were in excellent form and won 22-10.

l BBC 3 (0) Sibsey (6) 55: SIBSEY were too strong for bottom team BBC, Alan Dunnett and Sue Bridges with successes of 22-17 and 33-13.

l Central 33 (4) Burtons 31 (2): BURTONS versus Central game was a close-run affair. Chas Newham won 19-16 for Burtons while Central’s Fred Epton hung on to win 17-12.

Lincolnshire Over 60s League

BOSTON’s men suffered a home defeat to Lincoln, going down 18-0.

In the Trudy Bates League, the ladies’ team travelled to Spalding and came home with just two points, Spalding winning 14-2.