Eastenders open up a greater gap at the top of the bowls league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk/sport, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk/sport, on Twitter @standardduncan

In the Orchard Podiatry Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League, Eastenders keep widening the margin at the top and - at the moment - look like they will retain the title.

Matched against Punchbowlers they collected maximum points with wins of 31-6 and 23-11 to move eight points clear of second-placed Holland Fen.

The second-placed team found it tough going against bottom team Swineshead and dropped two points.

For Swineshead, Janet Vinter, Steve Cornwell and Freddy Scrupps were 14-8 down against Keith French and the latter dropped 15 shots without reply and Swineshead triumphed 23-14.

Meanwhile Mick Tomlin had to draw on his firing skills to get him out of trouble, picked up a last end count of four to snatch the aggregate points with a win of 13-24.

IBC versus Royal Mail saw the points going to IBC.

Ted Bourne and Richard White were the successful skips.

Invaders had a notable win this week.

Matched against Halfpints, Scott Whyers won 16-10 and Ian Tebbs won by a widers margin of 27-11.

Carlton Road maintained third spot with maximum points from Jolly Farmers.

Skips Geoff Parker (17-11) and Les Feary (21-14) triumphed.

A40 squeezed home against Norprint, the latter unlucky not to secure any points.

A40 won by one shot on both rinks - 15-14 and 19-18.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, the top three were all successful this week.

Patriarchs picked up four points, Feathers picked up maximum points and Poachers versus Boston Park saw four points going to the Poachers.

Amateurs found Breakaways in good form, the latter taking all six points as skips Gordon Gallichan (18-14) and Lorraine Stevens (15-14) both won.

The Crowns were involved in a close encounter with the Burtons.

Barbara Houghton, for the Crowns, won 18-17 and replying for the Burtons was David Bailey (17-15).

Poachers just had the upper hand against Boston Park thanks to a 27-13 from Eileen May, Alan Eastgate and John Riches.

Alan Batchelor replied 22-11.

Strollers and Central, level on points in the table, saw the Strollers win all the points.

Derek Butwright, Jean Woods and Bernard Woods won 21-12 and Foxton, Linter and Everitt won 24-18.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Red 5 made a move closer to Autos at the top with a maximum points haul against mid-table Highflyers.

Dave Fox was in scintillating form and won 34-8 while Kath Beck, Mandy Cook and Tony Beck won 20-16.

Autos let two points slip away.

Sheila Skelton, Jeff Homewood and Bernard Skelton won 27-10 for Autos but Fairways’ Lorna Locking, Barbara Slade and Anthea Hall replied 23-15.

Vikings, in third, beat Sibsey on both rinks.

Skips Keith Stones and Ralph Sawer with won 31-10 and 20-12 respectively.

U3 versus Nomads saw U3 win all the points with successes of 26-13 and 18-16.

Traders had a good win this week when they were matched against BBC.

Ted Vere, for BBC, won 21-7, but Barrie Hudson, Sid Coulthan and Gordon Neal eclipsed that with a win of 31-8.

Shipmates and Cosmos shared the rink points.

Stan Smalley, for Shipmates, won 17-12.

Replying for Cosmos, the trio of Rockall, Dunnington and Thompson won the aggregate points with a win of 25-3.