Ender the road! A40 beat bowls leaders Eastenders

Ball House Division One

l A40 40 (6) Eastenders 34 (0): THE result of the week was A40’s six-point haul against leaders Eastenders, who suffered their first defeat of the season.

Gill Grant, Arnold Bennett and Jean Cammack won 22-20 and Jean Thompson, Sheila King and Jim Gott added an 18-14 score.

l Woodhall 40 (4) Stumpers 25 (2): BOTTOM team Stumpers’ mini run of success came to a halt when matched against second-bottom Woodhall.

Stumpers’ Sheila Skelton, Tony Ballard and Bernard Skelton won 16-11 but Woodhall took the aggregate points through Richard Whittaker, John Riches and Tom Richardson (29-9).

l Freelanders 58 (6) IBC 22 (0): FREELANDERS beat IBC with consumate ease, skips Geoff Taylor and Stan Lawrence winning 27-12 and 31-10.

l Royal Mail 22 (0) Jolly Farmers 41 (60): JOLLY Farmers were too strong for Royal Mail. David Allen snatched an 18-16 success and Sue Hoyles, Dick Allen and Joe Moore won 23-6.

l Holland Fen 44 (6) Carlton Road 24 (0): SECOND-placed Holland Fen won fairly easily - Mick Tomlin (16-11) and Martin Tomlin (28-13) skipping their rinks to victory.

l Invaders 30 (2) Cosmos 41 (4): COSMOS, in third, won four points as Royce Reynolds, Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary succeeded 28-12. Replying for Invaders, Rob McDonald, Sandra Tebbs and Peter Hoyles won 18-13.

T&B Containers Division Two

l Punchbowlers 49 (6) Strollers 30 (0): MID-table Punchbowlers opened the gap against the side a point behind, skips Jeff Skelton and Ian Drury powering home 23-18 and 26-12.

l Boston Park 28 (0) Parthians 44 (6): SECOND-bottom Parthians got the better of basement side Boston Park.

Skips Pete Bedford and Keith Nix established good leads to win 20-17 and 24-11.

l Swineshead 25 (2) Norprint 40 (4): SECOND-place Swineshead were surprised by third-bottom Norprint, and only won two points.

Printers’ Ted Bloodworth, Pam Vinter and Tony Hall won 26-10 while Swineshead skip Freddy Scrupps replied 15-14.

l Feathers 35 (5) Halfpints 30 (1): HALFPINTS have been picking up points at will, but their glass was half empty this week.

Feathers’ Brian Simpson, Derek Hunn and Geoff Dawson won 18-13 while’ Debbie Cunningham, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam tied 17-17 with Feathers’ Ian Smith.

l Kirton Town 42 (6) Patriarchs 38 (0): LEADERS Kirton Town struggled against Patriarchs, but eventually squeezed home.

Skips Dorothy Hawkesworth and Gordon Gallichan won 22-19 and 20-19.

l Golfers 39 (4) Breakaways 35 (2): BREAKAWAYS’ Pauline Richardson succeed 17-16,. but Golfers took the aggregate points through Graham Scarboro (23-18).

Division Three

l Crowns 36 (6) Central 30 (0): THE last team to beat leaders Crowns were Central... nine games ago.

But Crowns got their revenge through skips Peter Copeland (17-16) and Barbara Houghton (19-14).

l Highflyers 50 (4) Amateurs 27 (2): SECOND team Amateurs were matched against third-placed Highflyers.

The Flyers’ Joe Carson, Terry John and Eric Lewis snatched victory with a 32-8 score but Olive Fenner, Jim Fenner and Mick Greet earned Amateurs two points (18-19).

l BBC 40 (4) Vikings 34 (2): SECOND-bottom BBC beat fourth-placed Vikings as Edna Priestley, Lavinia Renshaw and Ted Vere won 27-12.

Vikings’ Pete Jacklin replied 13-22.

l Shipmates 45 (6) Sibsey 29 (0): SHIPMATES won the points against against Sibsey - Brian Lund, Pat Robinson and Stan Smalley (20-18) and Betty Taylor, Michael Bolsin and John Balderson (25-11) winning.

l Traders 27 (0) Autos 49 (6): AUTOS Skips Graham Slack and Derek Butwright had wins of 14-30 and 13-19 to beat Traders.

l Burtons 37 (6) Fairways 31 (0): BURTONS won a close game against Fairways, Rebecca Clare, Jean Young and Chris Hill won 18-14 and June Murgatroyd, Eileen Smithbone and Chaz Newham succeeded 19-17.

Lincolnshire Men’s 0ver 60s League

BOSTON took all the points at Lincoln, winning 18-0.