Excellent wins at home for West End

Bowls by Ivan Stimson

Coningsby Bowls League

Division One

TWO good results in for West End B, rinks skipped by P.Bedford, N.Ablard and M.Hippisley had excellent wins at home to Woodhall Town with only Denis Hoyes, Ruby Salmon and R.Dales putting up any real resistance in the 76-36 (8-0) result and the same skips had a closer win at home to Sibsey Millers with a 54-41 (8-0) win.

Mareham appeared to struggle at Fiskney losing badly on all three and the game 74-39 (8-0).

Woodhall Town came good at home to Forbes Rd A with a convincing 58-37 (8-0) win and good scores on each rink.

Division Two

SKIP J.Thorold and his rink bowled well for Wrangle B in their away match with Sibsey Strollers but the home side took the other two for a drawn game 45-60 (4-4).

Freiston A had a successful trip to Wrangle beating the A side 41-60 (2-6) with two good rink wins to the 21-13 win by the home side.

Division Three

STICKNEY and Heckington got their game played Thursday evening and with the away side taking one rink by two shots and a good rink win each on the other two it finished in a creditable draw 57-53 (4-4).

Heckington came unstuck at home to Freiston B losing on two rinks with the only success by captain S.Bakewell and rink to give a 43-53 (2-6) result.

Kirton A did well in their postponed game at home to B.B.C.II winning well on all three to give a 65-45 (8-0) finish, they also did well at home to West Skirbeck, who appear to be struggling this year, winning 41-30 (7-1).

Freiston went close on two at home to Burton House but were well beaten on the third and lost the match 44-63 (0-8)

The derby at B.B.C. resulted in two close rinks and with B.B.C.II losing badly to the rink skipped by S.Tebbs to give a 45-31 (8-0) result.

Division Four

WIGTOFT and Horncastle got their week one game played on Monday with G.Dawson and his rink for Wigtoft winning 22-10 and just making it on the other two, to record a 55-38 (8-0) win.

Swineshead did well at home to Woodhall Nymphs winning well on two to give a 58-46 (7-1) result.

Honcastle lost badly on one and losing another by just one shot to Forbes Road B gave a 40-57 (2-6) result.

Wigtoft recorded a 23-9 rink win at home to Sleaford Rd II who just won on the other two to draw the match 51-42 (4-4).

Division Five

ANN Wys and her Sibsey Traders side had a good win against Kirton B with Rosemary Hoskin, George Bulman and Alan Mills winning 7-20 to contribute to the 33-52 (0-8) result.

A good win each in the Friskney v Bicker game with the away side taking the third and the game 46-53 (2-6)