Farmers reap what they sow with the result of the week

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Jolly Farmers produced the result of the week in the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Health Group Division One.

Matched against highflying Holland Fen, the Farmers’ skips were in good form.

Sue Hoyles defeated Jim Gott 20-12 and Tom Richardson triumphed against Mick Tomlin, 20-18.

Carlton Road closed the gap on Holland Fen when they eclipsed IBC.

For the Road, Geoff Parker kept his head in from to win 21-19 and Chris Gill - with not too many problems - won by a 13-shot margin of 25-12.

A40, expecting a tricky game to negotiate against Punchbowlers, came out of it with flying colours.

Jean Cammack produced a 25-12 winning scorecard and Pauline Richardson closed her game out winning 14-11.

The Invaders versus Norprint game saw the rink points shared with the aggregate points going to the higher team Invaders.

For the Printers, Dick Vinter won 15-16 but this fell well short of what was required as Rod West replied 23-17.

Royal Mail failed to deliver this Christmas.

Once again no points were won and relegation is becoming a real threat.

Matched against Strollers, the result saw Bernard Woods winning 22-12 and Alan Everitt hanging on to win 18-17.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Boston Park proved to strong for Amateurs.

They recorded an overall win of 54-25 to claim the six points.

Top team Red 5 had all kinds of problems trying to win the points from their opponents Patriarchs and fell on both rinks.

The Patriarchs skips Ray Woods and Alan Bristow had wins of 19-15 and 20-14.

Feathers were also on the backburner this week.

Parthians’ Pete Bedford triumphed 26-11, which proved good enough to win four points.

The Golfers’ game against Breakaways went in favour of the Golfers.

Graham Scarboro won 18-11 and Norman Ablard succeeded 20-15.

Autos had a disappointing night against the Poachers, losing all the points with rink losses of 21-15 and a close 22-21.

In the Cammacks Division Three Cosmos were expecting a tough game against an improved Dynamics team and came off the green with all the points and an overall win of 44-27.

Vikings secured maximum points against U3.

Keith Stones had a 19-18 winnning scorecard and Ray Moore triumphed 19-9.

Central, playing against Traders, who were a player short, dropped two points.

For Central, Fred Epton did enough to win the aggregate points with a success of 30-13 but, replying for Traders, Gordon Neal won 13-20.

Highflyers won five of the six points at stake against Nomads.

Dave May won 23-13 and Ian Atkin tied 13-13 against the rink skipped by Mel Maddison.

Rileys posted two winning scorecards this week when they defeated Shipmates.

Alan Dunnett and Pete Sharman recorded wins of 24-13 and 15-12.