Feary claims new Falcon Lake record

Lee Feary.
Lee Feary.

Lee Feary is a Westwood Lakes record breaker.

He now holds the Falcon Lake record following a stunning haul of 340lb 8oz.

Lee reached the eyecatching total fishing from peg 39 at the open event last Sunday, in a competitive match which saw the lowest haul weighed at 144lb.

He fished pellets shallow from start to finish to catch 415 fish in total.

In second place was Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes), who recorded 304lb 6oz from peg 10.

Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) was third with 286lb 4oz from peg 45.

This week’s Sunday Open was won by Richard Kinersley.

Sixteen anglers competed on Hawk Lake, with the victor landing an overall weight of 186lbs 40z.

Results: 1 Richard Kinersley (Westwood Lakes) peg 15 , 186lb 4oz; 2 Steve Miles (Westwood Lakes) peg 1, 162lb 8oz; 3 Ben Dutton (Westwood Lakes) peg 3, 136lb 4oz; 4 Lee Feary (Westwood Lakes) peg 18, 132lb 4oz.