FEATURE: First time rower gets an oar-some glimpse of what club has to offer

Boston Rowing Club
Boston Rowing Club

Ever thought of taking to the waters? Zoe Myall, of Give it Some Fizz fitness shared her experience as a first timer as Boston Rowing Club gets set to host a marathon event this weekend...

As a confirmed fitness fanatic I like to try anything sports related. So when I saw an advert for a taster session at Boston Rowing Club I thought ‘there’s something I haven’t tried before.’

Boston Rowing Club

Boston Rowing Club

Roping in a friend, we arrived at the club in Carlton Road on a sunny Sunday morning to be warmly welcomed by club coach and finance director Chris Berry and Explore Rowing coordinator Sheli Scott.

The club has a great reputation and proudly displays photographs inside of rowing legends such as Steve Redgrave, James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent who have used the club for time trials and training.

My first task was to grab a pair of ‘blades’ or oars (which were double my height) and then carry my boat down to the water. This was not any easy task as myself and another lady, who was trying out rowing for the first time, had to pick up the boat, hook it in the crook of one arm and manoeuvre it carefully to the water’s edge.

As this was my first time rowing I have to point out here that my boat was fitted with stabilisers - like you might have on a bike the first time you learn to ride.

It made the whole experience of keeping the boat steady a lot easier - unlike my friend who had a wider boat but no stabilisers and was finding it harder to keep the boat even.

Having been in a rowing boat made for a lake before I found the whole method of rowing backwards not too difficult. Turning, however, was trickier as the boats are a lot longer than classic rowing boats and at first I didn’t anticipate in time so found myself entangled with reeds on the bank.

Chris was great though and quickly got me out of a sticky situation by whizzing across the river in his powerboat and calling out instructions.

“Just like on a road, there are two different sides to travel,” he reminded me a couple of times when I nearly rowed into the path of an oncoming barge.

As I picked it up, I started to relax and enjoyed the views from the River Witham with Boston Stump set against a backdrop of blue sky, the sunlight dappled on the water.

Boston Rowing Club now has almost 100 members ranging from age 11 up to 70 years old.

It has claimed much success in both individual and team competitions. On September 21 it hosts its marathon where competitors from all over the country and abroad will be rowing over 30 miles from Boston to Lincoln.

For more information about the club email: bostonrowingclub@gmail.com