Fenmen back to winning ways

Holland Fen were back to winning ways in the Mill Inn Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League.

Against Invaders, the Tomlins skipped their rinks to wins of 23-10 and a massive 32-4.

Leaders Eastenders seemed in trouble against IBC, but skips Paul Flatters (pictured) and Simon Reeson won 31-10 and 17-14.

In other results, Kirton Town beat Freelanders 6-0, Jolly Farmers beat Halfpints 4-2 and A40 beat Royal Mail 4-2.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Punchbowlers and Strollers are setting the pace at the top.

The Bowlers dropped just the one point against Feathers, while Strollers closed the gap with maximum points from their game with the Golfers

Breakaways beat Crowns 4-2, Parthians won 4-2 against Norprint, Swineshead lost 6-0 to Patriarchs and Boston Park won 4-2 against Amateurs.

Poachers sometimes make it hard for themselves, despite topping the Cammacks Division Three.

Playing a double week, they beat Fairways convincingly.

But against Shipmates, the opponents almost proved a stumbling block.

Narrow 22-20. and 16-14 victories proving just enough for six points.

Fairways had no joy in their second game either, as Traders won all the points.

In other results, Sibsey won 4-2 against Vikings, Hotspurs worked hard but went down 6-0 against Autos, Highflyers lost 4-2 against Central and Burtons won 4-2 against BBC.