Finch finds her form

Angelica Finch.
Angelica Finch.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club’s Jimmy Britton stepped up from skills events to make his debut in contest scoring bouts.

Travelling to Wickford, London, he was entered in to a new competition, the England Boxing ETS Main Event Mini Box Cup 2016.

Being only two competitors entered in the category, he boxed in the final against L. Whelan-Barone.

Both boxers, wanting to put their name to the title, boxed very well and there was nothing to choose between them.

Jimmy was getting the stronger as the contest progressed.

When the bell sounded at the end of the third and final round the decision was announced in favour by a split decision to Whelan-Barone.

Angelica Finch was on the road on Friday, boxing in a Bridlington ABC Show.

She boxed I. Smith, an opponent she beat last year on this card.

Smith went all out to reverse the result and boxed on the front foot, coming forward all the time.

Finch used good defence and counter punching to deter her opponent, scoring with good clean shots.

Angelica’s power was also demonstrated when she forced Smith into defence mode.

The result coming at the end of an excellent display from the Boston ABC boxer was a unanimous decision, with all three judges voting in Angelica’s favour.

Angelica is now preparing to defend her NAG&BC Championship title she won last year.

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