Finch gets England call

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Matthew Mooney. EWcX_oyjiQu4jAUWc6Z9

Boston Amateur Boxing Club youngster Adrianna Finch has been told she will fight for England.

The 16-year-old has impressed national squad selectors at a series of recent training camps.

And on Monday she received notification that she has been called up to represent the England squad.

However, the event she will compete in, and the date on which she will fight, are yet to be announced.

Adrianna’s 14-year-old sister Angelica has also been in action, competing in the final of the Junior Cadet All National Final in the 52kg category.

However, she couldn’t claim the title after being beaten by Ivy Jane Smith.

Competing at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, Finch knew she would have her work cut out against her opponent from Fern Down ABC.

Finch remained focused from the bell and started strongly, applying good work from her southpaw lead.

However, this was having little affect on her opponent as Smith delivered a strong and effective counter attack which was too much for the Bostonian to counter.

The referee carried out a standing count and retired Finch from the contest.

Boston ABC were once again on the championship trail as seasoned pugilist Matthew Mooney fought for the vacant Notts & Lincs Light welterweight (64kg) challenge belt against Callum Adams of Benny’s ABC.

And it was Adams who claimed the decision.

Both boxer’s showed great ability in the opening round, sharing strong offensive attacks.

Mooney started the second round with accurate and effective leads, catching his opponent cleanly.

It was all Mooney in the second round, but Adams had started to use holding tactics, which smothered his workrate to the body.

The Boston corner adjusted tactics again for the third round, as they were confident, Mooney was slightly ahead.

Mooney caught Adams with a strong right hook which, for a brief moment, saw Adams wilt.

Urged on, Mooney connected with a solid shot to the abdomen and the man from Nottingham started to hold again.

The final round saw both boxer’s raise their game and both corners, were sure their man was ahead.