First place shared in sportshall challenge

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

At the midway point in the 2016-17 series of Sportshall Athletics matches at The B-Hive Indoor Athletics Centre, the competition on Saturday was incredibly close and, for the first time, two teams shared first place on equal points.

At the end of two hours of running, jumping and throwing events Robin Redbreast and Snowmen were locked together, both finishing on 81 points.

Robin Redbreast team leader Georgia Ward (under 13) was supported by Lyle Burrell-Kenny (under 11), Ewan Hourihan (under nine) and Beth Hourihan (under seven) and they were stronger in track events with Snowmen, captained by Ellie Booth (under 13) and including Matthew Lewis (under 13), Megan Reid (under 11) and Hayden Quantrill (under nine) excelling in field events.

For the Robins, Lyle Burrell-Kenny won the under 11 standing long jump with a clearance of 1.79m and finished second in the standing triple jump with a leap of 4.60m. Lyle also achieved a distance of 3.75m in the chest push and a height of 40cm in the vertical jump and then notched up a total of 64 in the speed bounce.

Georgia Ward achieved 3.50m in the chest push, 3.90m in standing triple jump, 1.47m in standing long jump, 32cm in vertical jump and scored a total of 50 in the speed bounce 30 second test.

For his contribution, Ewan Hourihan scored 42 in the speed bounce and acheived 34cm in vertical jump, 3.75m in chest push, 4m in standing triple jump and 1.54m in standing long jump.

The youngest competitor on the day, six-year-old Beth Hourihan, made a promising debut, leaping 2.80m in standing triple jump, 21 cm in vertical jump and 1.14m in standing long jump. She also achieved 2.75m in chest push and a total of 24 in speed bounce.

On the track for Robins, Lyle Burrell-Kenny won the under 11 four-lap contest (53.7 secs), three-lap race (38.3 secs) and the two-lap event in 24.6 secs. Georgia Ward clocked 24.6 secs, 40.4 secs and 55.5 secs for the two, three and four-lap affairs and Ewan recorded 25.2 secs, 41.0 secs and 57.0secs for his three track races. For her part, Beth Hourihan achieved 33.1 secs, 56.1 secs and 76.7 secs for her three individual running competitions and the Robin Redbreasts were second in the 4 two-lap relay in a time of 1 min 54.7 secs.

Snowmen’s under 13 representatives both made a considerable contribution to the team points total. Matthew Lewis achieved three personal best performances as he won the standing triple jump (5.30m), the chest push (5.00m), the vertical jump with 43cm and the standing long jump with 1.94m. He then notched up a score of 71 in the speed bounce.

Team captain Ellie Booth recorded 4.80m in the standing triple jump, 3.75m in chest push, 37cm in vertical jump 1.71m in standing long jump and a total of 56 in speed bounce.

Megan Reid’s standing long jump best effort measured 1.72m. Other scores came in vertical jump (42cm), plus a 3.75m in chest push, 4.90m in standing triple jump and a total of 62 in speed bounce.

The fourth member of the Snowmen team, Hayden Quantrill, produced a 3.25m chest push, a 27cm vertical jump, a 1.44m standing long jump, 3.60m in standing triple jump and a score of 60 in speed bounce.

On the track the Snowmen quartet won the 4xtwo-lap relay (1 min 45.9 secs).

Matthew Lewis won the two-lap race in 22.9 secs, the three-laps in 37.0 secs and four-laps in 50.5 secs.

Ellie Booth was second in the two-lap competition, clocking 23.5 secs and the three-laps in 39.1 secs and four-laps in 54.4 secs.

Megan Reid was runner-up in the under 11 two-lap race, recording 24.7 secs, the three laps in 38.6 secs and four laps in 54.3 secs.

Hayden Quantrill won the two-lap event in an impressive 24.8 secs, the threelaps in 40.1 secs and the four laps in 55.2 secs.