Going for a Burton! House in Powell Trophy final

LATEST from the Coningsby Bowls League...

Fred Powell Trophy

BURTON House will play Heckington in the final of the Fred Powell Trophy on the Sibsey green on August 24, with a start as near 6pm as possible.

Division One

THREE close rink results in the Woodhall Town versus Sibsey Strollers match saw the away side edging it 43-51 (2-6).

Sleaford Road A made no mistake in their home game with Mareham, winning well on all three to take the match 73-38 (8-0).

Friskney completed the double with a home win against Castle, 53-48 (6-2).

Division Two

A GOOD rink win each in the Jubilee Park versus Freiston A game saw the home side getting the decider by just two shots, giving a 55-51 (6-2) result.

Surprisingly, Sibsey Strollers played one short in their home game with Billinghay, who took full advantage, winning well on all three, 32-66 (0-8).

The Skeltons and J. Thorold won well for Wrangle B at home to Good Fellowship, but away skips J. Moore and P. Allen made no mistakes on the other two to win the game 49-55 (2-6).

Division Three

A RE-arranged game was played at BBC I, with West Skirbeck making a return to form with familiar names winning well on two and drawing the third 19-19 to give a 41-71 (1-7) result.

Stickney had a good game at home to Frieston B, winning well on two and the match 56-50 (6-2).

A one shot win and one tied at Heckington saw the home side also winning well on the third to beat Burton House 59-41 (7-1).

Division Four

A GOOD result for Horncastle at home to Donington B saw them winning well on two rinks to take the points with a 62-37 (6-2) result.

Sleaford Road II won all three in their home match with Donington A, scoring a substantial aggregate total in the 70-35 (8-0) result.

Division Five

BRIAN Martin, Tony Nixon and David Fox gained two welcome points for Kirton B in their home match with Boston Park, who won well on the other two to win 40-55 (2-6).

A good game at Gosberton saw Bicker winning well on two to counter the equally good rink win by the home side to give a 49-53 (2-6) finish.