Gold Tops make an impression

Callum Grace.
Callum Grace.

Boston and District Athletic Club representatives made an impact at the first of this season’s Lincolnshire Track and Field League matches, held at the Tommy Clay Track at the Princess Royal Sports Arena on Sunday.

In the under 17 men’s age group, Callum Grace took advantage of the following wind and recorded 6.22m to win the long jump competition.

In the 100m hurdles Callum lost his rhythm and recorded 19.1 secs for second place.

Oliver Simmonds cleared 1.75m in first position in the high jump.

He also achieved a second victory in the 100m hurdles (17.5 secs).

Under 15 thrower Amy Bunting made a big breakthrough in the hammer competition, adding more than six metres to her personal best performance.

Amy’s best throw with the 3K implement was measured at 29.66m.

Amy also won the shot with a putt of 6.28m and claimed second position in the discus with a throw of 13.21m.

Another under 15 Gold Top who responded well in the blustery conditions was May Meikle, who successfully cleared 1.30m to win the high jump contest.

Two senior men warmed up for next weekend’s North of England League match by competing in track and field contests.

James Roark won the shot with an 8.89m effort, the discus with a throw measuring 28.83m and recorded 5 mins 04.6 secs for second position in the 1,500m.

Aidan McClure went over 1.70m to win the high jump, recorded 5 mins 02.5secs in the 1,500m and 11 mins 27.8 secs at the end of the 3,000m.

At under 20 level, Frances Nuttall opened her 2017 account in field event challenges by recording 1.50m in high jump, 5.02m in long jump and 7.65m in shot.

John Gleadell ran 400m for his first competitive outing of the year.

In the under 13 girls’ section, Lylle Burrell-Kenney claimed second place in the long jump with a promising leap of 3.87m, recorded 17.0 secs sprinting into the wind in the 100m and won the javelin competition.

Elize Dawson was fifth in the 100m (18.6 secs) and seventh in long jump (2.98m) while Georgia Ward won the 70m hurdles in 17.5 secs, finished third in shot with 4.45m and was eighth in long jump with 2.64m.

Alex Frick recorded 6 mins 39.6 secs for maximum points in the 1,500m, finished seventh in the 100m in 18.8 secs and fourth in the shot (4.35m).

Megan Reid was fourth in long jump with 3.19m, fifth in shot (4m) and sixth in the 100m (18.7 secs).

Two under 13 boys made a good start to the season with Flynn Slater second in the 800m (2 mins 56.6 secs), third in 100m (16.4 secs) and fourth in long Jump (3.73m).

Matthew Lewis recorded 18.1 secs for 75m hurdles, 3.76m in third place in the long jump and 17.4 secs in fourth position in the 100m.

Ewan Hourihan was the comprehensive winner of the under 11 boys’ 80m sprint (14.5 secs) and also finished third in long jump (2.87m) and fourth in the 600m (2mins 32 secs).

Jacob Slater won both the whizzer throw (16.54m) and the 600m (2 mins 23 secs) and claimed third place in the 80m (16.9 secs).

In the same age group, Rhys Buswell was second in long jump (2.96m), third in the 80m (15.8 secs) and fifth in the 600m (2 mins 33.3 secs).

Ronnie Grey won the under 11 girls’ 80m in 15.0 secs, the 150m in 29.0 secs and cleared 2.30m in long jump for third.

Jessica Frick won the 600m in 2 mins 23.4 secs, the long jump (3.43m) and crossed the finish line second at the end of the 80m (15.1 secs).

Six Boston & District AC under nine representatives made an impact, with Izzy Reid winning three of the four girls’ events and Jack Clark-Atkins achieving three victories in the boys’ events.

Issy was first in the 80m (16.2 secs), whizzer (9.88m) and the standing long jump (1.48m).

Jack won the 80m (15.8 secs), the 150m (31.1 secs) and the standing long jump (1.73m).

Erin Adams was second in three events, 80m (16.4 secs), whizzer (9.51m) and standing long jump (1.30m).

Leah Frick won the 150m (33.0 secs) and finished third in both whizzer (9.50m) and 80m (17.1 secs).

Leon Holden was second in three boys events, the 80m (16.2 secs, 150m (31.5 secs) and standing long jump (1.55m).

Joseph Slater won the whizzer with 13.82m and finished third in both the 80m (16.9 secs) and the standing long jump (1.41m).