Gymnasts take a tumble... and a vault

James Booth is pictured with first-time competitor Tuula Sohngen from TJ Gymnastics.
James Booth is pictured with first-time competitor Tuula Sohngen from TJ Gymnastics.
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TJ GYMNASTICS hosted an invitational floor, vault and tumbling competition at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

Girls and boys aged from four to 10 from the club, Norfolk Academy and St Thomas gymnastics clubs competed in the floor and vault event.

The club were also treated to a tumbling performance by James Booth, a former member of TJ, who is now a member of the men’s British team.

RESULTS: Girls: Four-and-a-half-seven years: vault - 1 Ruby-Mae Hardstaff, 2 Tuula Sohngen, 3= Jenna Knight, Malena Baxter; floor - 1 Ruby-Mae Hardstaff, 2 Malena Baxter, 3 Rebeka Fisher-Petts won bronze. Overall - 1Ruby-Mae Hardstaff, 2 Malena Baxter, 3= Jenna Knight, Rebekah Fisher-Petts. Eight-10-years: vault - 1 Jessica Dalton, 2 Natash Wooley, 3 Tianna Reid; floor - 1 Holly Barker, 2 Amber Blakey, 3 Alicia Flatman; overall - 1 Jessica Dalton, 2 Alicia Flatman, 3 Amber Blakey. Tumbling Regional A girls seven-and-under: 1 Melena Baxter, 2= Tuula Sohngen, Kiera Menzies, 3 Ruby-Mae Hardstaff; Regional A girls eight-year: 1 Alicia Baxter , 2 Maisie Ground; Regional A boys eight-years: 1 - Joseph Hardstaff.Regional B eight-years: 1 Weronika Zuk, 2 Alicia Flatman, 3 Dominika Zuk. Regional B girls 9/10 - 1 Amber Blakey, 2 Ellie Patto. Regional B girls 11/12: 1 Bethany Uustal, 2 Cheyenne Uustal, 3 Chloe Patton. Regional C girls seven-years: 1 Chloe Almond. Regional C girlseaight-years: 1 Tilly Chitty, 2 Lillie Manning, 3 Mackenzie Hughes. Regional D girls eight-years: 1 Kiera Gilman. Regional D girls nine/10: 1 Abbie Chapman, 2 Jessica Gilman. Tumbling National One girls seven-and-under: 1 Gracie Chase. National One girls 11/12: 1 Ebony Sharkey. National Two girls eight-years: 1 Holly Menzies. National Two girls 11/12: 1 Isabelle Brackenbury, 2 Cherida Sohngen, 3 Rhianna Wyer. National Three girls 13-and-under: 1 Kiesha Almond, 2 Tegan Rogers, 3 Paige Wallis. Elite One girls 13-and-under: 1 Reanna Ebbutt, 2 Caitlin McNulty. Elite girls 13-and-under: 1 Kara Cartwright.

Boys: Eight-10-years: vault -1 Joseph Hardstaff; floor - 1 Joseph Hardstaff; overall - 1 Joseph Hardstaff. Elite One boys 13-and-under: 1 Jay Gardner.