Halfpints’ glass is half full

LATEST results from the Boston Indoor Bowls Club Leagues...

The Mill Inn Division One

AFTER last week’s success against Carlton Road, Invaders could not maintain momentum and lost to Jolly Farmers.

Dick Allen, Tom Richardson and Joe Moore won 22-13 for Farmers and Invaders’ Scott Whyers replied 16-14.

Leaders Eastenders saw off the challenge of promoted Kirton Town, skips Matt Whyers and Paul Flatters succeeding 23-13 and 23-14.

Second-placed Holland Fen beat third-placed A40 with wins for skips Martin (34-8) and Mick Tomlin (20-14).

Promoted Halfpints picked up their second win of the season, beating Freelanders. Brian Sansam (20-19) and Chris West (19-14) both came from behind to win.

Carlton Road were back to winning ways against Royal Mail - Gordon Harris, John Benton and Roy Vinter (17-13) and John Rylott, George Hardstaff and Chris Gill (15-15) delivering successful scorecards.

Results: Freelanders 33 (0) Halfpints 39 (6), Holland Fen 54 (6) A40 22 (0), Invaders 29 (2) Jolly Farmers 36 (4), Eastenders 46 (6) Kirton Town 27 (0), Royal Mail 28 (1) Carlton Road 32 (5).

T&B Containers Ltd Division Two

LEADERS Punchbowlers dropped their first point of the season.

Against Crowns, Cyn Bush, Malcolm McNeish and Tony Bush won 22-12 while Dave Peacock, Ian Drury and Steve Skelton picked up a last end count of two to tie 17-17 with Crowns’ Sandra Copeland.

Strollers, in second spot, saw Bernard Woods, Jean Woods and Keith Swain winning 19-13 for four points.

Replying for Patriarchs, Joe Carson, Lesley Woods and Ray Woods won 16-13.

With Strollers dropping two points, Swineshead moved into second spot when they won maximum points from Boston Park, skips John Craft and Tony Ballard winning 15-13 and 25-10.

Amateurs secured six points from a depleted Feathers side, Pat Weaver and Mick Greet with wins of 26-12 and 18-14.

Golfers and Parthians shared the rink points, with the aggregate going to the Golfers as Norman Ablard won 29-6.

Parthians’ Phil Sharp replied 20-13.

Norprint won five points from a strong Breakaways team, skips Pack and Barton with final scorecards of 22-16 and 18-18.

Results: Crowns 29 (1) Punchbowlers 39 (5), Boston Park 23 (0) Swineshead 40 (6), Golfers 42 (4) Parthians 26 (2), Norprint 40 (5) Breakaways 34 (1), Patriarchs 29 (2) Strollers 32 (4), Amateurs 44 (6) Feathers 26 (0).

Cammacks Division Three

AUTOS dented Poachers’ winning run.

Poachers’ top rink, skipped by Eric Ulyatt, won 24-9, but the aggregate points went to Margaret Gardner, Daniel Harrison and Norman Wright (33-12).

Highflyers posted winning scorecards of 23-9 and 26-16 for skips Eric Lewis and Barrie Trigg against Hotspurs.

Fairways’ Chris Hill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro won 25-11 for four points against Burtons.

Betty Taylor, Pat Robinson and Michael Bolsin earned Shipmates an aggregate win over Sibsey (20-11).

For Central, Phyl Rickett, Marion Epton and Fred Epton did enough for the additional points with a win of 23-7 against BBC.

Traders picked up maximum points from Vikings as Barrie Hudson, Margaret Wells and Gordon Wells won 22-19 and Ann Quickfall, Cyn Baker and Gordon Neal were successful 19-11.

Results: Fairways 41 (4) Burtons 31 (2), Highflyers 49 (6) Hotspurs 25 (0), Shipmates 34 (4) Sibsey 26 (2), Vikings 30 (0) Traders 41 (6), Autos 42 (4) Poachers 36 (2).

Lincolnshire Over 60s League

THE Boston team travelled to Skegness and were successful on three rinks.

However, they shared the aggregate points and came home with a 10-8 result.