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BOSTON High School student Hannah Macleod (pictured) represented the school at the East Midlands Region Biathlon, held at Newark - where she qualified for the British Biathlon Championships.

Hannah attacked the 1,500m run from the start, positioning herself among the top runners from the off.

Although unable to keep on terms with the eventual winner, a time of 5 mins 42 secs saw Hannah finish in third place, gaining a total of 988 points.

She then took to the pool for the 100m freestyle race.

Although tying up slightly on the second 50m, she finished in fifth place.

This was enough for a new personal best time of 1 min 06.49 secs as she gained 1,188 points in the process.

With a combined score of 2,176 points, this enabled Hannah to finish in second place and gain qualification to the British Championships in May.