Hasnip in top oche form

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In the Friday Night Darts League’s BSC Premiership, Dave Hasnip hit a 15 darter and picked of a 130 finish on his way to beating Harry Lee 4-0.

He followed that up with a 4-1 win over Ady Parker.

Dan Flynn picked up a good 4-3 win over Dave Holland.

Deb Royal hit a 180 but Darren Aucote took out a 130 finish that saw him take a 4-2 win.

Jamie Robson beat Andrew Joyce 4-1. Daz Turk battled with Ady Parker for seven legs and Daz edged it 4-3.

Phil Odlin produced some great darts and checked well when pressured to take a big 4-3 win against Chris Royal with an average of 24.50.

Andrew Joyce picked up a good 4-1 win over Harry Lee.

Dave Hasnip and Debra Royal had a good match, Dave taking the match 4-2. Dave then took on Jamie Robson and hit a 180, but Jamie was very steady and took the contest 4-2.

Dan Flynn saw off Andrew Joyce 4-2. Ady Parker picked of 107 but his opponent Phil Odlin took out a superb 154 finish to set up a 4-2 win.

Andy Cammack and Dave Holland had a good match, going to a decider that Andy Took to win 4-3. Jamie Robson hit a 180 en route to a good 4-2 win over Ady Parker.

It was not quite a Royal Rumble as Chris Royal checked well to see off mum Debra 4-1.

In the Pizza Perfection Championship, Ben Bagley continues his unbeaten run with seven straight wins.

He has beaten Alison Royal 3-0, including a 17 dart leg and a 98 check out, averaging 20.04. Ben also beat Paul Taylor 3-0 with 21, 23 and 19 dart legs and averaging 23.86, the highest of league so far.

Paul Taylor met Rob Cade and Rob hit a 180 but Paul was too strong, winning 3-0, including a 114 finish.

Rob Scrubbs faced David Todd, who took the first leg with a 180. But Rob took the next three for the win, hitting a 17.84 average.

Against Trev Day, Rob won 3-2 win and a 17.16 average

Steve Gartside picked of a great 132 during his 3-1 win against David Todd.

Trev Day Beat Rob Cade 3-1 and Aaron Upsall then beat David Todd 3-0.

Jamie Barnes hit a 180 on his way to a good 3-1 win over Aaron Upsall. Mark Baily played steady and checked well to beat Kev Lenton 3-0.

Paul Taylor and Rob Scrupps battled well to a decider, Paul just taking it 3-2.

Kev Lenton took on Alison Royal, Kev edging a scrappy match 3-1.

In Division Two, Callum Day picked up a good 3-1 win over Jimmy Birtwistle.

League Leader Matt Grant had a mixed night, beating Jason Lamyman 3-1 but losting 3-0 to Wally Almond.

Andy Bird beat Carl Baily 3-1 and Wally Almond then took on Carl and soon wrapped a good 3-0 win.

Sammi Barsley played very well to see off Brian Wilkinson 3-2. Sammi took on Jason Lamyman and was very consistent and checked well to win 3-0. Ali Baker took on Jake Lamyman and solid finishing from Ali saw him take the match 3-1. Ali followed up that win with another 3-1 win against Ben Leadbeater.

Jake Lamyman had to check well to see off battling Sammi Barsley 3-1. Jimmy Birtwistle got back to winning ways with solid darts against Brian Wilkinson and won it 3-0. Matt Grant maintained top slot with a good 3-0 win against Carl Billy Baily.

In Division Three, Adam Gurton picked up two big wins - beating Bradley Butler and Emma Grant, both 3-0.

Adam Grant beat Billy Aucote 3-1 and then went on later to beat Louise Turner 2-1.

Muriel Almond hit a good 2-1 win against Emma Grant.

Liz Chapman checked well to beat Dennis Turner 2-1.

Billy Aucote took on Kayleigh Leedle, Billy checking well to win 3-0. Jodie Royal lost 2-1 to Adam Grant, Kayleigh Leedlebeat Bradley Butler 2-1, Dennis Turner got back to winning ways with a good 3-0 win over Muriel Almond and Lizzy Chapman picked of a good 86 finish to set up a good 3-0 win over Kayleigh Leedle.