He’s done it! Wild Warrior Nick crosses the line to finish his Madd year

Maddison poses at the Wilod Warior event.
Maddison poses at the Wilod Warior event.

After 25 energy-sapping events and 12 gruelling months, Nick Maddison has completed his year-long quest to enter some of the country’s toughest running events.

Crossing the line in 21st place - from a field of 800 starters - the 31-year-old finished the 10k Wild Warrior obstacle race covered from head-to-toe in mud.

For many of the competitors, just completing Sunday’s course in such bitterly cold conditions would have been an achievement.

For Maddison, it was added to the 24 previous events - marathons, ultra races, obstacle courses and more - which he undertook to raise awareness and cash for the Alzheimer’s Society, in memory of his grandad Norman Sculthorpe.

His exploits have already exceeded all expectations.

Having passed the £2,000 target he set himself by several hundred pounds, Maddison is now planning a race night event to take his total up to £3,000.

“It feels a bit strange now,” Maddison admitted, now that his year-long adventure is over.

“I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family, but it feels odd not having to get up and train all the time.”

Dedicating a year of his life to pay tribute to his grandfather has seen the Albert Street resident having to juggle shift work at Metsa, a training routine of up to four hours per day and family life with his partner Amie Harris and kids Logan, Layton and Lyla.

And that hasn’t always been easy.

“If the time I get with the kids was going to be at 9am, then I’d have to get up at 4am to get my training in,” he added.

“It’s not easy when you’ve got a job to go to as well.

“I’m just so glad my family have been so understanding and supportive, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Looking back over the past 12 months, Maddison says the Tough Guy obstacle event in Wolverhampton was the hardest to get through.

Not beacause of the obstacles or the distance, but purely because the cold weather saw him having to run through waters that were below freezing along the way.

Also behind Maddison on his incredible adventure was his dad Paul, who often chauffeured him to many events, as well as cycling alongside him as he ran from Boston to Lincoln the previous weekend.

Further support has also come from Lori Borbely at Newton Fallowell, Jez Elmer and Callum Johnson at Future Fitness and Fendyke Recruitment, who have added financial support to help cover travelling costs and entrance fees.

You can still donate to Nick by visiting http://www.

In just 12 months, Nick Maddison has put himself through 25 events, including ultra events, marathons, half marathons, 10ks and obstacle courses. Here are the events he has conquered: 1 Wild Warrior 10k Obstacle Race (Peak District), 2 WAR Adrenaline 10k Obstacle Race (Dunstable Downs), 3 ToughMudder 12-mile Obstacle Challenge, 4 Cheltenham Circular Challenge Marathon, 5 Tough Guy Nettle Warrior (Wolverhampton), 6 Spartan Sprint (London), 7 Spartan Sprint (Cambridge), 8 Total Warrior (Lake District), 9 Super Spartan (Birmingham), 10 WAR Adrenaline Obstacle Race (Dunstable Downs), 11 Wild Thing 10k Obstacle Race (Peak District), 12 Mablethorpe Marathon, 13 MensHealth Survival Of The Fittest (Nottingham), 14 Major Series Obstacle 10k Challenge (Leeds), 15 Endurancelife Coastal Marathon (Suffolk), 16 MensHealth Survival Of The Fittest (Manchester), 17 Spartan Beast (London), 18 Tough Guy The Original (Wolverhampton), 19 HellRunner (Staffordshire), 20 Avalanche Run, Chase The Yeti (Leicester), 21 Sole Destroyer (Northampton), 22 Sherwood Forest Night Run, 23 Boston to Lincoln Ultra 33+17 miles (24), 25 Wild Warrior 10k obstacle race.