Hill is Boston table tennis champion

GARY Hill is the Boston and District Table Tennis League’s men’s singles champion, beating team-mate Kelvin Clements.

Eight players took part in the competition, and were divided into two groups, each player playing the other three in their group. In Group A, Kelvin Clements and Graham Lacey went through to the semi-finals, while in Group B, Gary Hill and Alan Ashberry went forward from the group stage.

The semi-final match between Kelvin and Alan proved to be a one-sided affair, Kelvin winning in straight sets, but the other match, between Gary and Graham, was much tighter, Gary eventually emerging the victor 3-2.

In the final, the two Lodgers G players fought it out, Gary winning 3-1 to lift the Brodie Cup.

The Moran Cup – the inter-town veterans cup – was held between Lincoln, Grimsby and Boston.

Boston provided five players to contest their two matches.

Against Lincoln, Alan Ashberry, Gary Hill and Tim Day all beat Mick Johnson, but could make no headway against either Andy Wignall or Steve Barnes.

Alan and Gary then combined in the doubles to take on Andy and Steve, the game swinging one way and then the other, the Lincoln eventually gaining the victory in five ends to make the scoreline 7-3 to Lincoln.

Boston then took on Grimsby, knowing that a victory was essential to give them any chance of winning the cup.

Gary Hill beat Sean Brown and Peter Heath, but lost out to John Hancock, while Graham Lacey had to be content with one victory, against Peter.

Trev Blackbourn had a real tussle with Sean, but unfortunately went down in five sets to add to his other two defeats, making the doubles a somewhat empty event, Gary and Graham losing in straight sets to John and Sean, and thus another 7-3 defeat.

This meant that the third match, between Lincoln and Grimsby, was the decider, and Lincoln made no mistake, beating Grimsby 7-3 to lift the Moran Cup for 2012.

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In the Yates & Greenhough Division One, the final match of the campaign saw Graves Park C beat Lodgers E 9-1.