Holland Fen beat defending champs to keep 100 per cent record in tact

Les Feary.
Les Feary.

Holland Fen are the only team with a 100 per cent record in all three divisions of the Boston Indoor Bowls League, and this week they defeated reigning champions Eastenders in the Orchard Podiatry Division One.

A powerhouse finish from Mick Tomlin (30-15) and a very tight 15-14 from Keith French kept the record intact.

Carlton Road took 12 points from two games, beating Half Pints 6-0 thanks to L. Feary (20-15) and C. Gill (24-20) and IBC by the same score with successes for skips Feary (31-3) and Gill (37-4).

Half Pints recorded their first win of the season over Jolly Farmers, T. Nunn (22-10) winning for Half Pints and Farmers replying with a 17-16.

A40’s unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of Royal Mail, A. Hill’s 22-14 and a 13-13 tie ensured that. Invaders beat Swineshead 5-1, S. Whyers winning 20-15 and R. West and F. Scrupps fighting out a topsy turvy 19-19 draw.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Poachers’ 100 per cent record went this week, J. Skelton (14-13) and T. Bush (20-18) winning it for Punchbowlers.

Norprint are top after a 6-0 win over Amateurs, J. Nicholson (22-15) and B. Barton (17-11) doing the damage. Golfers dropped a couple of points to Boston Park, D. Marshall won 27-7 but R. Patchett (23-17) claimed two points for the Park.

P. Bedford (16-12) and K. Nix (20-14) saw Parthians beat Strollers 6-0. Breakaways won 6-0 against Patriarchs, I. Dilley (16-15) and G. Gallichan (23-14) on top.

A 25-16 from S. Ingamells over the 19-13 reply from D. Hunn saw Crowns edge out the Feathers.

In the Cammacks Division Three, The Burtons kept up their unbeaten run after a 6-0 win over Fairways, C. Newham (20-17) and D. Bailey (18-14) both winning.

Joining them at the top are Vikings, who beat Sibsey thanks to D. Staples (21-14) and P. Jacklin (23-12).

Shipmates beat Central 6-0, W. Parker (22-8) and J. Balderson (21-14) in good form.

BBC and new team U3 both earned their first wins of the season. BBC moved off the bottom after a 6-0 win over High Flyers (M. Kirk 16-13, D. May 19-17) while U3 beat Hotspurs 6-0 (D. Barton 25-14, D. Gunson 19-17).

The Autos just got the better of Traders after a 21-17 from G. Slack beat the 16-13 from N. Stanley by one for a 4-2 win.