Hot shot Dave is top gun yet again

The prize winners.
The prize winners.

Dave Hodgson was named the High Gun for the second year running as the Haven Clay Pigeon Club held their annual awards presentations.

He maintained an average of 90 per cent for sporting targets, with runner-up Keith Phillips- Jones recording an average of 87 per cent.

The Most-Improved Shooter title went to Kevin Hindle, who raised his average from 41 per cent to 58 per cent.

The English Sporting Clays award was shared between Jim Allum, Mike Burton, Steve Bridges and Dave Priem, who have all shot 30/30.

Keith Phillips-Jones shot two 30 straights and Dave Hodgson shot three 30 straights throughout the season.

The Down the Line shooters work hard to score 45 straight kills, and the most 45 straights scored this year went to Mick Woods.

Awards were handed out by secretary Teresa Priem.

Pictured are (from left) award winners Jim Allum, Mike Burton, Kevin Hindle, Dave Hodgson, Dave Priem, Keith Phillips-Jones, Mick Woods and Steve Bridges.

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