Invaders cause bowls league upset

Ball House Division One

A40 were off track as Invaders shocked them in the bowls league...

Ball House Division One

Invaders 35 (4) A40 32 (2): THIRD-placed A40 suffered defeat to Invaders.

Doing the damage for Invaders were Chantal Spencer, John Spencer and Scott Whyers, who defeated a strong set of Jean and Bob Thompson, with Arnold Bennett 22-13.

Replying for A40, Jean Cammack lead saw a 19-6 lead pegged back to 19-13.

Holland Fen 54 (6) Freelanders 20 (0): HOLLAND Fen, in second place, saw off mid-table Freelanders with wins of 23-13 and 31-7 for skips Gary Morris and Mick Tomlin.

Eastenders 49 (6) IBC 22 (0): THE leaders, playing second-bottom IBC, earned a convincing win for skips Paul Flatters and Ian Clark, with final scorecards of 21-6 and 23-11.

Cosmos 54 (6) Carlton Road 28 (0): COSMOS, matched against Carlton Road (the latter not fielding a full strength team), were successful 22-19 and 34-9.

Stumpers 30 (0) Jolly Farmers 40 (6): JOLLY Farmers moved a place up the table when they successfully overcame Stumpers.

Skips Dave Allen and Joe Moore won 23-15 and a close 17-15.

Royal Mail 42 (6) Woodhall 30 (0): THE Royal Mail versus Woodhall game was one where you could not predict which way the points would go with the recent form of both.

On the night, it was the Mail who delivered the result -Debbie Harrison, Alan Hill and Steve Todd winning 21-16 and Jo Sharp, Neil Harrison and Keith Sharp securing the rest of the points 21-13.

T&B Containers Division Two

Kirton Town 49 (6) Swineshead 21 (0): KIRTON Town - matched against close rivals Swineshead, who are also vying for top spot - saw the Town winning all of the points.

This widened their lead to 11 points as Phyl Bourne, Ann Thomas and Gordon Gallichan won 18-14. and Jeff Homewood, Jill Smith and Dorothy Hawkesworth added a 31-7 score.

Feathers 33 (0) Punchbowlers 38 (6): FEATHERS, in third, fell on both rinks to fourth-place Punchbowlers.

Dave Peacock, Steve Skelton and Ian Drury won 19-15 and Terry Dawson, John Allen and Jeff Skelton came from behind for a 19-18 success.

Golfers 33 (4) Boston Park 29 (2): GOLFERS, in fifth, were not given an easy ride by rock-bottom Boston Park.

For the Golfers, Ron Hulley, Andy Scotney and David Marshal won 22-13 as the Park’s Roy Sharp, Alan Batchelor and Ken Cook replied 16-11.

Parthians 33 (0) Norprint 44 (6): NORPRINT put in a good performance this week to defeat Parthians.

Pam Vinter, Ted Bloodworth and Tony Hall hung on to win 19-16 and Barbara Kenny, Chris Avison and Barry Barton won 25-17.

Breakaways 54 (4) Patriarchs 31 (2): BREAKAWAYS’ Janet Whyers, John Marshall and John Stevens won 40-4.

All was not gloom for the Patriarchs as Alan Bristow, Stella Baxter and Ray Woods fought back to win 27-14.

Strolers 20 (0) Halfpints 50 (6): HALFPINTS proved to strong for Strollers which eased them out of the danger spot.

Iris Reeson, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam were successful 23-10 and Debbie Cunningham, Carol Dowse and Tina Reeson an out winners 27-10.

Division Three

Crowns 46 (6) Shipmates 18 (0): THE results went with leaders Crowns this week.

As they were picking up all six points, their closest rivals Amateurs and Autos were dropping points.

Against Shipmates, skips Sandra Copeland and Barbara Houghton won 23-8 and 23-10.

Amateurs 24 (0) Central 46 (6): AMATEURS fell to a rampant Central team.

Tony Hill, Brian Roberts and Brian Hunn won 23-17 and Phyl Rickett, Marion Epton and Fred Epton won 23-7.

Autos 34 (2) Sibsey 38 (4): AUTOS let the aggregate points drift away to Sibsey, who won 19-13 thanks to Alan Dunnett.

Norman Wright earned Autos two points (21-19).

Highflyers 42 (6) Traders 20 (0): HIGHFLYERS overcame Traders as skips Eric Lewis and Barrie Trigg won 25-9 and 17-11.

BBC 32 (1) Burtons 33 (5): BBC’s Ted Vere tied 19-19 with Chaz Newham as Dave Bailey won 14-13 for the extra points for Burtons.

Fairways 26 (2) Vikings 32 (4): FAIRWAYS and Vikings shared the rink points with the aggregate points going to Vikings as Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and Pete Jacklin won 18-10..

Fairways’ Ingrid King, Hazel Smith and Anthea Hall won 16-14.