Isle of Man debut for sidecar pair

Phil Biggerdyke in action. Photo: Peter Bull.
Phil Biggerdyke in action. Photo: Peter Bull.

F2 Sidecar driver Phil Biggerdyke successfully completed the first Sure Sidecar TT race on his debut at the Isle of Man TT festival on Saturday.

The Bostonian was racing with passenger Hayley Jayne Capewell.

Being newcomers to the 37.73-mile mountain road course, Phil and Hayley took it steady to make sure of a finish.

And they were delighted to cross the finish line at the end of three gruelling laps in 32nd place.

Hayley, from Rugeley, made history by becoming the youngest-ever female passenger - at 19 years of age - to complete a TT race.

She was delighted with the result.

Hayley said: “The bravery award goes to my amazing driver Phil Biggerdyke who lost his visor half way around the last lap, but carried on regardless.

“Well dome Phil.”

The pair will be in action again today (Wednesday) for the second sidecar race at 2.30pm.

Phil and Hayley are pictured crossing the finish line.

Photo: Peter Bull.