It’s number 200 for Sophie-Jane

Sophie-Jane with her family at the Boston Parkrun.
Sophie-Jane with her family at the Boston Parkrun.

Young Sophie-Jane Hearn has reached a milestone by running her 200th parkrun - and she did so in style on Boston’s Witham Way Country Park route.

The 11-year-old was given a round of applause by more than 100 other parkrunners, who all converge on the park for the weekly timed 5k distance that is free and open to anyone.

“It all started when a friend informed us that there was a free run every Saturday morning in King’s Lynn - where I used to live - and that it was really fun and we should give it a go,” Sophie said.

“My mum ran first. The next week my mum and dad.

“Then the following week I ran too.

“Because I was only seven, I always needed an adult to run with me.

“That was when my grandma volunteered to run.”

Parkrunning soon became a family affair as grandparents Janet and Barry Norton got involved and auntie and uncle Sarah-Jane and Richard Eggleton, along with cousins Matthew and Abigail, from Coningsby, joined in.

But since Sophie-Jane’s family have moved to Boston, the family now takes part at the Witham Way event.

“I like the Boston course as it’s by the river and you run on the riverbank and on the path,” she added.

“Over the last four years I have had so much fun; fancy dress, running the Boston course in reverse, being part of a 24-hour parkrun at King’s Lynn and being awarded a Blue Peter sports badge for inspiring one of my friends to run.”