It’s Royal at the double in darts league

Chris Royal.
Chris Royal.

Andy Cammack came out on top in a close seven-legger against Deb Royal in the Friday Night Individual Darts League.

Also competing in the Boston Standard Premier Division, league leader Chris Royal hit a 180 on his way to a 4-0 victory over defending champion Ady Parker.

Pete Grooby gave himself chances against Dave Hasnip, but Dave hit a 180 on his way to a 4-1 success.

Graham Sharp saw off Harry Lee in a seven-legger and Dave Hasnip beat Ali Baker - who earned his first win last week - 4-2.

Paul Grainger beat Graham Sharp 4-2 and Chris Roayal ended the evening with another good 4-0 win, beating Pete Grooby.

Lincs Racing Division Two: Kev Lenton 4 Paul Hutter 1, Matt Grant (180) 4 Redvers Dickinson 2, Dave Holland 4 Redvers Dickinson 3, Anthony Bennet 4 Kev Lenton 3, Dave Holland 4 Simon Bush 3, Dan Flynn 4 Paul Hutter 3.

John Smith’s Division Three: Ben Leadbeater 2 Angie Upsall 3, Paul Raymond 3 Shaun Denmead 1, Jimmy Birtwhistle 3 Billy Baily 1, Adam Gurton 1 Luke Everitt 3, Mark Baily 3 Shaun Denmead 0, Paul Raymond 3 Carl Baily 0.

T&B Containers Division Four: Emma Grant 2 Sophie Marston 1, Jodie Sygrove 2 Louise Willicombe 1.

Pictured are Chris Royal (above left) and Jodie Sygrove.