It’s Shodfriars 20 at the double

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

The Boston Snooker Centre Boston Snooker League saw defending champions Shodfriars 20 take on BSC 2 in the Acorn Taxis Super League.

Playing both games together after last week’s weather disruption, the 20 earned an 11-5 victory.

Carl Rowe took his four frames against Gary Charlton and Lee Ford, who both lost their other two matches against Tom Hill and Joe Welch.

Tom and Joe drew their other matches with Stuart Whitaker and Grant Marshall.

The 20’s Darren Christian lost to Grant Marshall and drew with Stuart Whitaker.

BSC 4 lost 6-2 to BSC 11 after going 2-0 up thanks to Danny Horgan beating Josh Fell.

The 4’s Barry Cox, Craig Lee and Tim Calvey lost to the 11’s John Sharp, Adam Cammack and Luke Arons.

BSC 3 and BSC 10 played out a 4-4 draw, everyone getting a point.

Neil Hutson, Mark Day, Chris Ellis and Nigel Robinson split with Mario Richards, Carl Baily, Rick Ladds and Nick Hanson respectively.

Breaks: C. Rowe 57, 37, J. Welch 47, L. Arons 45, G. Marshall 40, D. Christian 37, R. Ladds 30.

The Ocean Chinese Takeaway Premier saw leaders BSC 20 smash BSC 8 12-4 over the last two weeks.

The 20’s Paul Oyitch shared two each with Shaun Dunmore and Danny Newton, also of the 20, lost three of four to Adam Norton.

Luis Hoyles beat Steve Greensmith and Gary Dunmore to add points for ther 20, while Daley Richardson drew playing Steve and beat Gary.

BSC 12 got whitewashed by high-flying Cons 7.

Graham Day, Neil Morris, Alan Peck and Alan Laws lost to the 7’s Nigel Salmon, Dean Simmons, Charlie Rolfe and Paul Revell.

BSC 16s and Kirton 5’s two games resulted in a 11-5 victory for the 16.

BSC 5 and Cons 6 played out a draw.

Breaks: L. Hoyles 40, 23, N. Salmon 33, 30, 24, D. Richardson 33, C. Spencer 32, 21, B. Wrigglesworth 26, P. Grooby 24, P. Revell 23, 20, S. Dunmore 21.

In the Cotts Builders and Contractors Division One, Cons 2 drew with Cons 5 after going 4-0 down.

Graham Ruck and Gary Middleton lost to Alan Haycock and Nathan Yardley before Dale Sawer and Martin Griggs levelled the game, beating Bill Spooner and Derek Wood.

Kirton 1 just edged past bottom side BSC 6 5-3.

Steve Stainton beating Gordon Russell before Kevin Lymer, Wayne Burton and Ian Parnell drew with the 6’s Mike Deal, Alan Traynor and Paul Creasey.

Promotion contenders Shodfriars 3 and Cons 1 met each other twice, both winning a match with a 5-3 scoreline.

Breaks: G. Ruck 23, J. Ely 21, M. Deal 21.

In the Kingston Construction Division Two, BSC 7 were beaten by leaders Cons 3.

Kevin and Chris Hirst drew with Rob Carter and Scot Gray of the 3 before Paddy Kearns made the difference, beating Craig Churchman.

Jason Pocklington split with Graham Johnson, resulting in a 5-3 loss for his BSC side.

BSC 18 turned out a good performance.

Connor Charlton shared with Dave Cartwright before his 18 teammate Jake Holland lost to Chris Vere.

Andy Bird and Jimmy Birtwhistle of the 18 both shared with Chris Maltby and Jamie Rushin for a narrow 5-3 loss.

Breaks: R. Carter 21.