Johnson misses out on decision

Aaron Johnson.
Aaron Johnson.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club had members in action at the No Limits show in Liverpool.

A few places are hard to go to to get a favourable result, and the feeling around the gym was that this could be one of those places.

Jimmy Britton was entertaining the crowd against a home-club lad in a skills competition.

These bouts are to give experience to cadet boxers and young lads and lasses coming through the ranks, and they can take part in these bouts from the age of 10 upwards.

Britton showed great technical ability from the off, catching his opponent as he moved on the retreat.

The home lad, J. Hamilton, of No Limits, was displaying good footwork in this opening round, which was giving young Britton cause to change tactics, catching his opponent on the defensive.

The second round was much better for both boxers, as both enjoyed good offensive displays, and equally defensive ploys were also evident.

The final round was pretty much the same, with Britton enjoying the better of the action.

There are no results in these contests, but the crowd was appriecative of a good display by both boxers.

Boston’s Aaron Johnson faced J. Coetzeer of the home club.

Despite being short of contests for more than a year, Johnson started well.

The Boston boxer was catching his opponent with strong body shots, which gave the home lad cause to be defensive.

Johnson was equal to Coetzeer, the crowd loving the competitive action, and looked to be slightly ahead.

The third found was full of good quality boxing, as the Boston pugilist displayed fine moments of good stand-up boxing.

If you thought that it was going to be one of those nights, it was, as Johnson lost on a split decision.

However, this was probably the right decision, but was close enough to have gone the other way.

Tickets for the Boston Show are now on sale at £12 each.

The show will be on March 19 at Haven High, featuring 15 bouts