Johnson’s a happier man

Callum Johnson.
Callum Johnson.

Callum Johnson’s quest to become the light heavyweight division’s top fighter is seeing him forced to live something of a nomadic lifestyle.

But despite spending half of the week living alone in hotel rooms, the 28-year-old admits that he has discovered a new inner contentment.

Johnson’s family home may be in Benington, but training at his coach Joe Gallagher’s gym in Manchester sees him spend half the week bunking up in the north west.

The sacrifices made - and the hours alone - may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but Johnson is beginning to rediscover his love of boxing.

“I’m more settled in myself now,” he told The Standard. “In some ways I feel happy again with my boxing.”

The reason is down to professional and financial security.

Since turning professional in late 2010, Johnson has only fought eight times - with two of those contests coming since May 17.

His original promoter Frank Warren was forced to cancel a number of shows, and that led to Johnson sometimes going as long as a year without a fight.

But now that contract has ended and Johnson is hoping to pick up as many bouts as possible, while keeping his 100 per cent win record going.

“I find it easier to train now,” he continued.

“I’m fighting regularly and that means that I have to keep my weight right all the time.

“Now I know that I’ll be fighting soon I have a reason to go to the gym and a reason to make sure I eat the right breakfast.

“I can drive past a McDonalds and have an excuse not to pull over and get a Big Mac.”

But what about those long, lonely nights in hotel rooms?

“It doesn’t bother me if I’m being honest,” he added.

“We train in the day and then go for runs in the evening.

“By the time I get back I just have something to eat and then it’s about time to get some sleep before training the next day.”