Jubilation for Jubilee Park in the Coningsby Bowls League

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THERE was action aplenty in this week’s Coningsby Bowls League...

Division One

JUBILEE Park earned another home victory - this time against Sleaford Road A, 6-2 (57-46).

Sibsey Millers came good at last to take eight points at home to West End B, 8-0 (64-35) result.

Freiston A at Forbes Road was a close result, but one which halted the Forbes Road roll and moved Feiston up a few places.

Freiston A took it 3-5 (47-51).

Division Two

A CLOSE finish at Friskney saw Woodhall Town winning on two rinks 14-19, but with O. Wells, J. Booley and T. Chesterman winning 22-10 to take the aggregate for Friskney and draw the game 4-4 (50-48).

Stickney hosted Good Fellowship, where the visitors’ 7-22 success for to A. Everit, M. West and T. Martin helped them win the match 0-8 (40-62).

Stickney’s run of bad luck continued at West Skirbeck, losing on two rinks by the odd shot or two, but going down on the third for an 8-0 (54-42) score.

Woodhall Town, at home to Wrangle, lost by three shots on one rink but were home and dry on the other two to win the match 6-2 (58-42).

Division Three

DONINGTON, with two wins under their belt, entertained Sibsey Strollers, who were too good for them on two rinks, but took the third 16-9 to go down 2-6 (41-49).

Division Four

WITH Ray Loughran and his rink winning by three shots for Forbes Road B, and a second rink tied at Freiston, the 25-8 win by K. Posey, L. White and W. Sharpe was decisive for Freiston B, winning 5-3 (53-39).

Wigtoft lost at home to Heckington, 2-6 (45-69).

Bicker did well at home to Sleaford Road, with rinks skipped by P. Massingham and R. Barnett winning well to give a 6-2 (52-38) result.

Division Five

KIRTON cannot raise two teams for their trophy games as they have players cup tied with the two teams, and players on holiday.

Swineshead, who were due to play at Kirton in the cup preliminary from Division Five, may possibly go to Donington instead, as Donington were expecting the other Kirton side to arrive, allowing the preliminary match to be played at another date

Kirton B won at home to Donington II, with Geoff Parker skipping a winning rink in the 6-2 (49-40) result.