Judo club members make the grade

Judo club youngsters.
Judo club youngsters.

Members of Boston Judo Club have been successful at a recent grading event.

A total of 32 junior members and one senior member have pushed themselves to earn promotions in the sport.

Richard James Taylor was the succesful senior, moving up to 5th Kyu (yellow belt).

Juniors who can now wear the 1st Mon (red belt) are Cloe Almond, Sophie Lorenz, Nathan Slater, Ethan Whitham, Archie Bulman and Sean Stubbs.

Meanwhile, Zakaria Dani, Steven Kendall, Harvey Moore and Sebastian South have all been promoted to 2nd Mon (red belt).

New 4th Mon (yellow belt) youngsters are James Banks, Kai Butterfield, Evie May Cocks, Gabrielle Harris, Rochelle Miles, Santa Millere and Deimantas Safonovas.

Blossom Thattil has become a 5th Mon (yellow belt).

Reaching 6th Mon (top yellow belt) level are Abigael Cocks, Amy Melson, Danielle Miles and Hugo Neves.

Thomas Almond, Ryan Baxter, Owain Boardman and Megan Boardman have all become

7th Mon (orange belt).

New to 8th Mon (orange belt) are Kirils Mustermans and Basil Thattil, while Ryan Issit has moved up to 9th Mon (top orange belt).

Leona Mitcham and Cory Mitcham are now 10th Mon (green belt).

Making the step up to 11th Mon (green belt) was Rowan Butterfield.

Pictured are some of the youngsters who have been successful at grading.