Juniors do Boston proud at county singles championships

LINCOLNSHIE is a strong county in the nation’s bowls world, boasting international, national and county players from several clubs around the county.

This in turn encourages bowlers of all ages to take up the sport.

Last weekend saw under 18 bowlers from various clubs gather at Horncastle Indoor Club for the first part of their County Singles Championship.

So strong is this youth section, the Horncastle event was the first of two play-offs for the juniors, the other being played the following day at Spalding. Rod West, from Boston, organised of the event.

The players were divided into two sections, 14 and under and 14-18 year olds.

Each bowler played four games of eight ends through the day with the scores and shots being added at the end to find the winners.

Winner for the 14 and under section was Harry Cain from Lincoln with 6 points and +22 shots: 2 Ruby Hill, Spalding, 6 points +11 shots: 3 Lewis Skinner, Boston, 6 points +10 shots; 4 Liam Reeson (aged 10), Boston, 6 points +8 shots.

For the 14-18 year group the winner was Chantal Spencer from Boston, 6 points +24 shots; 2 Chelsea Tomlin, Boston, 6 points +17 shots; 3 Sam Ashton, Lincoln, 6 points +10 shots; 4 Rhys Hill, Spalding, 6 points -3 shots.

The standard of bowling was extremely high and very competitive which kept the audience of parents, supporters and keen bowlers entertained. The top four from each group go through to the next stage at Boston on Sunday, February 13.