Kirk wins two opens at Westwood Lakes

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

On a bright but blustery day Martin Kirk asserted his dominance once again to win Westwood Lakes’ Sunday Open.

His haul of 146lb 8oz came from peg 35 on Falcon Lake.

Results: 1 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 146lb 8ozs, 2 Kev Wadge (Decoy) 115lb 11ozs, 3 Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) 111lb 2ozs, 4 Dan Abbott (Westwood Lakes) 105lb 9ozs, 5 Adam Swain (Sensas A4) 105lb 7ozs.

The Saturday Open saw Spike Milligan come out on top on Skylark Lake with 92lbs 1oz from Peg 36.

He fished across to the island and in the margins to catch mainly carp on red maggot.

Results: 1 Spike Milligan (Lincs County) 92lbs 1oz, 2 Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 71lbs 8oz, 3 Shane Wilcox (Dave’s Peg) 69lbs 2oz, 4 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 67lbs 15oz, 5 Paul Brocklehurst (Westwood Lakes) 63lbs 5oz.

Dave Robinson had 15lbs to spare to win Thursday’s Over 50s Open Match on Skylark Lake from Peg 37.

Results: 1 Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) 75lbs 2oz, 2 Bill Whitworth (Westwood Lakes) 60lbs 4oz, 3 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 59lbs 7oz, 4 Spike Milligan (Lincs County) 50lbs 12oz, 5 Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) 48lbs 11oz.

Martin Kirk once again showed his prowess on paste during the Tuesday Open.

Results: 1 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 176lbs 0oz, 2 Bazz Bright (Garbolino RAF) 128lbs 10oz, 3 Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 118lbs 2oz, 4 Tommy Turner (Sheepy AC) 114lbs 5oz, 5 John Gooden (Westwood Glamour Boys) 104lbs 5oz.