Leaders Eastenders drop points as Cosmos are out of this world

LATEST action from the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

The Ball House Ltd Division One

Cosmos 31 (2) Eastenders 34 (4): EASTENDERS dropped two points against Cosmos.

The leaders’ Keith Tointon, Tony Powell and Paul Flatters won 20-15, but Cossies’ Royce Reynolds, Sue Simpson Shaw and Les Feary replied 16-14.

Carlton Road 31 (6) Stumpers 22 (0): Carlton Road beat Stumpers as skips Roy Vinter and Chris Gill won 17-13 and 14-9.

IBC 33 (2) Jolly Farmers 35 (4): IBC’S Audrey Sivill, John Sivill and Richard White won 23-14, but the Farmers took the win thanks to Derek Green, John Maury and David Allen (21-10).

Invaders 49 (6) Woodhall 31 (0): IINVADERS had the edge over Woodhall. Chantal Spencer, John Spencer and Rod West won 27-15 and Rob McDonald, Ian Tebbs and Scott Whyers claimed the rest of the points, 22-16.

Freelanders 26 (0) A40 48 (6): A40 cleaned up the points – Jean Cammack and Jim Gott winning 21-16 and 27-10.

Holland Fen 33 (4) Royal Mail 31 (2): THE Fenmen dropped points to Royal Mail, as Jo Sharp, Keith Thorlby and Keith Sharp finished strongly to win 22-13. In reply, Mick Tomlin won 20-9, which secured the extra points.

T & B Containers Ltd Division Two

Breakaways 27 (1) Parthians 39 (5): PARTHIANS took five points from Breakaways as Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford won 23-11 and Maggie Van Beirendonck, Albert Batchelor and Keith Nix tied 16-16.

Patriarchs 35 (4) Strollers 34 (2): PATRIARCHS and Strollers shared the rink points. Patriarchs snatched the aggregate points by one shot with a win of 18-10 for Alan Bristow. For Strollers, Alan Everitt succeeded 24-17.

Norprint 27 (10) Halfpints 48 (5): HALFPINTS’ Carol Dowse Sandra McDonald and Tina Reeson cruised home 32-11 and Debbie Cunningham, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam tied 16-16 with Barry Barton for five points.

Golfers 26 (0) Punchbowlers 47 (6): GOLFERS found it hard going as Punchbowlers won all the points, skips Jeff Skelton and Ian Drury winning 27-15 and 20-11.

Swineshead 29 (1) Boston Park 36 (5): SKIPS Michael Penfold and Arnold Pape recorded scorecards of 19-12 and 17-17 as Boston Park snatched five points.

Kirton Town 29 (1) Feathers 31 (5): WITH promotion beckoning, Kirton Town are floundering.

Feathers won five points as Brian Simpson, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson won 18-16 and Maureen Hunn, Beryl Brewster and Derek Hunn tied 13-13.

Division Three

Amateurs 45 (4) Autos 27 (2): AMATEURS fell further behind the leaders when they dropped two points. Autos’ Margaret Gardner, Phil Purkiss and Graham Slack won 16-14 but Amateurs’ Olive Fenner, Jim Fenner and Mick Greet won in style 31-11.

Central 34 (4) Fairways 26 (2): CENTRAL claimed the aggregate points as Tony Hill, Brian Roberts and Brian Hunn won 23-11. Fairways’ Pam Toy, Barbara Slade and Heather Scarboro won 15-11.

Sibsey 38 (6) Vikings 22 (0): SIBSEY secure all the points from a tough game against Vikings. Katie Tointon, Charles Russell and Harold Best won 23-10 and Kathy Dunnett, Phil Stubley and Alan Dunnett won 15-12.

Highflyers 24 (0) Burtons 43 (6): BURTONS’ Roger Young, Jan Bailey and Dave Bailey (25-11) and Rebecca Clare, Jean Young and Chaz Newham (18-13) claimed the points against Highflyers.

Shipmates 30 (4) Traders 29 (2): TRADERS’ Barrie Hudson, Maurice Harding and Norman Stanley won 15-11 but Shipmates’ Brian Lund, Stan Smalley and Pat Robinson eased home 19-14 for the win.

Crowns 41 (5) BBC 30 (1): LEADERS Crowns saw off the challenge of BBC as Brian Bates, June Bates and Sandra Copeland won 23-12, while the other rink tied 18-18 with Bill Mortlock.