Little drama as Eastenders move on in bowls league

EASTENDERS extended their gap at the top of the Boston indoor bowls league as second-placed Holland Fen were defeated...

l Stumpers 15 (0) Eastenders 73 (6): LEADERS Eastenders are marching on with not too much resistance, beating Stumpers with wins for skips Paul Flatters (34-8) and Simon Reeson (39-7).

l Holland Fen 30 (2) Invaders 34 (4): INVADERS beat second-placed Holland Fen as George Phillips, John Spencer and Scott Whyers won 18-13. Mick Tomlin replied 17-16 for the Fenmen.

l A40 48 (6) Woodhall 21 (0): THIRD-placed A40 widened the gap over Cosmos as Jim Gott and Sheila King won 25-11 and 23-10 against Woodhall.

l Freelanders 27 (0) Royal Mail 43 (6): ROYAL Mail leapfrogged their opponents in the table with wins of 20-10 and 22-12.

l Carlton Road 23 (2) Jolly Farmers 36 (4): FARMERS’ Derek Green, John Maury and David Allen secured the aggregate with a win of 26-6 as the Road’s Geoff Park won 17-10.

l IBC 28 (2) Cosmos 47 (4): IBC’s Steve Shaw, Richard White and Ted Bourne earned a surprise two points, 19-16. Cosmos’ Ken Dowling, Sue Simpson Shaw and Les Feary won the additional points with a success of 31-9.

T&B Containers Ltd Division Two

l Kirton Town 32 (2) Golfers 37 (4): KIRTON’S Jeff Homewood, Jill Smith and Dorothy Hawkesworth won 18-14, but a spirited Golfers trio of Barry Williamson, Ron Hulley and Dave Marshall claimed the win, 23-14.

l Swineshead 33 (4) Feathers 30 (2): SWINESHEAD can still make the promotion spot their own as Freddy Scrupps won 19-10 for four points. Feathers’ Geoff Dawson won 20-14.

l Boston Park 31 (0) Punchbowlers 52 (6): BOSTON Park were no match for Punchbowlers, who moved into third with wins of 22-15 and 30-16 for skips Tony Bush and Jeff Skelton.

l Patriarchs 38 (4) Halfpints 35 (2): DEBBIE Cunningham, Craig Cunningham and Tina Reeson won 28-16 for Halfpints, but Patriarchs’ Chris Bristow, Alan Woods and Alan Bristow won 22-7 for the extra points.

l Strollers 50 (4) Parthians 28 (2): SECOND-bottom Strollers pulled out all the stops as Ray Hobart, Ray Legge and Alan Everitt won 29-4. Parthians’ Pete Bedford scrambled home 24-21.

l Norprint 32 (2) Breakaways 34 (4): BREAKAWAYS squeezed home by just two shots as Jo Dowse, Henry Dowse and Ivan Dilley were successful 22-11. For Norprint, Barry Barton won 21-12.

Division Three

l Crowns 25 (0) Highflyers 47 (6): HIGHFLYERS produced the result of the week with a superb win against the leaders.

Robert Goodale, Ivor Roberts and Barrie Trigg won 26-10 and Joe Carson, Terry Johns and Eric Lewis succeeded 21-15.

l Sibsey 42 (2) Amateurs 46 (4): AMATEURS, in second, did not take full advantage of the leaders’ defeat, although Dale Elsam, Bill Weaver and Mick Greet won four points (26-18). Sibsey’s Lee Archer, Katie Tointon and Harold Best won 24-20.

l Fairways 32 (4) Autos 30 (2): AUTOS could only win two points as Alan Bontoft, Daniel Harrison and Norman Wright won 18-14. Fairways’ Chris Gill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro won the game with an 18-12 score.

l Central 44 (6) Vikings 34 (0): CENTRAL won the points against Vikings, skips Brian Hunn and Fred Epton with wins of 26-18 and 18-16.

l Traders 18 (1) Burtons 52 (5): WHAT a night June Murgatroyd, Jean Young and Chaz Newham had against Traders, producing a 36-2 winning scoreline.

Teammate Chris Hill tied 16-16 with Traders’ Norman Stanley.

l Shipmates 34 (4) BBC 26 (2): KEN Jow, for Shipmates, won 21-7, while BBC claimed two points through skip Bill Mortlock (19-13).