Lone Wolf Robin set for Greece

Robin Ford.
Robin Ford.

A Boston taekwondo instructor is flying out to Greece in a bid to reach the level of Master.

Robin Ford, who runs the town’s Lone Wolf club, will spend 10 days under the expert eye of Master Vasilis Alexandris next month.

He will be put through a rigorous regime to help him attain the level of seventh dan black belt, with which comes the title Master.

“I need to work with someone higher to help me reach my seventh degree,” said Robin of his eighth dan instuctor.

After years of dedication, the title Master can be awarded.

But Robin says he doesn’t want to be given the title, he feels he should earn it through grading.

He added: “I don’t want to go down that route. I want to know there’s no doubt that I’ve earned it.

“I tell my students a belt isn’t something you wear, it’s something you are.

“Doing the bare minimum would make me a hypocrite.”

Robin, who lives in Freiston, has suffered a setback in his training after breaking a bone in his wrist, the cast only coming off on Monday.

So he is now hoping his body has healed sufficiently as Master Alexandris will ensure block breaking is one of the many mental and physical tests he has to be able to complete.

But before he flies out, Robin will continue his work with his class, which meets at Spilsby Road’s Trinity Centre, as well as a new venture.

The 43-year-old is currently teaching taekwondo’s self defence and discipline to students at Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning Centre, to youngsters who have been moved out of their schools.

For more information on Lone Wolf, call 0800 5668814.