Luke who’s the latest winner on Westwood Lakes

BOSTON youngster Luke Morley booked his place in the £1,000 match final at Westwood Lakes on Sunday.

Results: 1 Luke Morley 169lb 8oz, 2 Adam Playford 93lb, 3 Steve Lane 71lb13oz.

Tuesdays open was once again won by Steve Lane.

Result: 1 Steve Lane 81lb 6oz, 2 Spike Milligan 74lb 10oz, 3 Pat James 57lb 10oz.

Thursday’s over 50s match was won by Paul Halibone from unfancied peg 13.

Result: 1 Paul Halibone 84lb, 2 Bill Whitworth 61lb 120z, 3 Dave Roberts 59lb 10oz,