Mail’s delivery route is on the Road to defeat

CARLTON Road staged the shock of the indoor bowls weeks by beating Royal Mail...

The Ball House

Division One

Royal Mail 25 (0) Carlton Road 41 (6): THE biggest shock of the week was strugglers Carlton Road’s victory over Royal Mail. Geoff Parker won 24-10 and Chris Gill succeeded 17-15.

Swineshead 12 (0) Eastenders 48 (6): LEADERS Eastenders had a comfortable win against Swineshead as Keith Tointon, Ian Clark and Paul Flatters were successful 24-5, and Matt Whyers Ryan Huskisson Andrew Reeson won 24-7 win.

IBC 62 (6) Jolly Farmers 24 (0): JOLLY Farmers had no answer to a rampant IBC. Dennis Ellis won 31-15 and Jim Gott won 31-9.

Cosmos 50 (6) A40 26 (0): A40 were be disappointed not to get some points from their game against Cosmos, who are not at their best. Skips Ab French and Les Feary had wins of 32-13 and 18-13.

Freelanders 26 (0) Invaders 36 (6): INVADERS look like they have a great chance to finish in their highest-ever position. Against Freelanders, John Spencer, Sandra Tebbs and Ian Tebbs won 14-10 and George Philips, Pete Hoyles and Scott Whyers triumphed 22-16.

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Division Two

Breakaways 35 (4) Stumpers 27 (2): MID-table Breakaways are the team of the week beating leaders and previously unbeaten Stumpers. John Marshall, John Whyers and Pauline Richardson won 19-9 for the extra points. Skip Pete Dodes replied 18-16.

Woodhall 42 (6) Kirton Town 32 (0): SECOND-placed Woodhall closed the gap with all the points against Kirton, who are third. Skips Eric Ulyatt and Tom Richardson both won 21-16.

Feathers 40 (5) Halfpints 38 (1): FEATHERS claimed five points in a close affair. Brian Simpson, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson tied 19-19 against Iris Reeson, Tina Reeson and Keith Woods, while Maureen Hunn, Beryl Brewster and Derek Hunn won 21-19 for the extra points.

Punchbowlers 47 (6) Wranglers 31 (0): SKIPS Jeff Skelton and Tony Bush won 23-15 and 24-16 for all six points.

Norprint 33 (2) Strollers 37 (4): NORPRINT’S Dave France skipped his rink to a 18-13 success, but Bernard Woods, Alan Westrup and Mick Hippisley replied 24-15 as strollers claimed the extra points.

Golfers 31 (4) Highflyers 26 (2): GOLFERS’ Ron Hulley, Mick Nundy and Graham Scarboro (18-7) won the extra points, despiteb efforts from Highflyers’ Robert Goodale, Ivor Roberts and Eric Lewis (19-13).

Parthians 50 (4) Patriarchs 30 (2): Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford won 32-8 as Parthians claimed the additional points. Patriarchs’ Chris Bristow, Colin Baxter and Alan Bristow responded 22-18.

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Division Three

Fairways 41 (6) Boston Park 25 (0): LEADERS Fairways extended their gap against their closest rivals, thanks to wins from Pam Toy, Heather Scarboro and Anthea Hall (16-14) plus Mavis Ablard, Hazel Smith and Carol Nundy (25-11).

BBC 37 (5) Shipmates 27 (1): ROCK-bottom BBC beat Shipmates, winning five of the six points at stake.

Amateurs 46 (6) Burtons 25 (0): AMATEURS grabbed second spot with a fine win against fourth-placed Burtons. Olive Fenner, Jim Fenner and Mick Greet (23-9) and Brian Martin, Tony Nixon and Barbara Bambridge (23-16) were successful.

Autos 27 (0) Sibsey 45 (6): SIBSEY claimed all the points against Autos - skips Harold Best and Alan Dunnett winning 22-15 and 23 -12.

Traders 23 (0) Central 50 (6): SKIPS Billy Epton and Fred Epton were successful 25-12 and 25-11 as Central beat Traders.

Vikings 39 (6) Burtons 31 (0): BURTONS had a disastrous double week. Matched against Vikings, Barbara Moor, Ray Moore and Ralph Sawer won 17-12 and Jenny Holmes, Ron Holmes and Pete Jacklin added a 22-19 score.