Manning celebrates pigeon victory

While it was all doom and gloom for pigeon fanciers who race on the north route, with one race cancelled and other still waiting for weather fit enough to release birds in Lerwick, in the Shetland Isles, it was a different story for fanciers competing from the south.

Aided by the strong south-west wind, birds competing in Boston Area South Road Club’s 160-mile race from Lyndhurst simply romped home at speeds well above 2,000 yards per minute.

Eight members sent 98 birds and results were: 1 and 2 Richard Manning 2102 and 2053, 3 N. Crozier 2047, 4 M.M. and M.B. Scrupps 2047, 5 N. Crozier 2046, 6 Richard Manning 2035, 7 Mr and Mrs Russ Skinner 2033, 8 M.M. and M.B. Scrupps 2009, 9 R. Brocklesby 1996, 10 G. Hoyles and Dtr 1994.